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Best Practices for Service Frameworks Based on Flutter and FaaS

In this article, the development team at Xianyu shares their thoughts on the future forms of programming based on FaaS and Flutter

Three Measures for Test Stability

In this post, a senior Alibaba tech expert shares his best practices and advice on ensuring test stability.

Candy for You: Design of Xianyu Flutter Interaction Engine Series

This article introduces the Candy engine and explains why and how the Xianyu technical team developed this engine.

Flutter+Serverless: An End-to-end R&D Architecture

In this blog, we will look at how the team at Xianyu improves R&D efficiency by combining Flutter with a serverless architecture.

Constructing Hybrid Projects in Just One Minute with Flutter-boot

In this post, we'll take a look at how Alibaba's Idle Fish (or Xianyu) app team used flutter-boot to solve common issues that arise from building hybrid mobile apps.

How Does Garbage Collection Work in Java?

This blog looks into garbage collection in Java, something rarely discussed in the typical introduction to Java.

To System Architects: How to Design a System Better

In this blog, you will receive a personal course and guide on how to better design a system from an experienced Alibaba system architect.

GCC vs. Clang/LLVM: An In-Depth Comparison of C/C++ Compilers

This article introduces GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and Clang/Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM), and compares the performance of both C/C++ compilers.

How to Revamp Your Web App in 2019

In this post, we will share how and why we took a few months old React based web app and refactored it, completely rewriting it.

Revealing the Dark Magic Behind Deep Learning

In this blog, we'll review useful tricks in deep learning and compile an optimization scheme called "checklist testing" that can upgrade any existing deep learning repository.

AspectD: An Effective AOP Solution for Flutter——Open Sourced by Alibaba Xianyu Tech Team

This article introduces AspectD, a Dart-oriented AOP programming framework which help implement AOP for Flutter.

A Deep Dive into Cloud Native: From Basics to Applications

In this article, we will review the concepts and definition of cloud native in detail, and discuss its potential applications and impacts.

Lower Cost with Higher Stability: How Do We Manage Test Environments at Alibaba?

In this article, we will focus on test environment management and introduce Alibaba's unique self-designed virtualization technology called feature environment.

Evolved Branch Management with AoneFlow

AoneFlow incorporates the best of both TrunkBased and GitFlow while introducing new automation and branch management tools to ensure the timely release of high-quality software products.

How to Use Flutter for Hybrid Development: Alibaba's Open Source Code Instance

In this article, we will discuss how Alibaba's Xianyu enables hybrid integration of Flutter to existing Native apps through incremental migration with Flutter Boost.

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