Deploying JanusGraph on Alibaba Cloud ECS

In this tutorial, we will be deploying JanusGraph on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance to build a graph database.

Best Practices of Database Disaster Recovery in the DT Era

In the DT era, enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on data. This article summarizes the Best Practices for Enterprise Database Session at The Computing Conference 2018.

Table Store Data Models - Wide Column and Time Series

This article discusses Alibaba Cloud's Table Store multi-model architecture, focusing on Wide Column and Time Series data models.

Table Store Time Series Data Storage Architecture

This article focuses on data model definitions, core processing flows, and architecture of time series data storage based on Alibaba Cloud Table Store.

Ensuring Data Reliability and Availability for Enterprise Cloud

Yunfei He, Product Director of Alibaba Cloud, explained how cloud computing plays an essential role in protecting data for enterprises.

Improving Redis Performance through Multi-Thread Processing

In this article, we analysis how to optimize the performance of a Redis database on Alibaba Cloud with multi-thread processing.

Optimizing Random Key Value Queries for Large Data Sets

In this article, we will look at how esProc can effectively cope with latency problems through high performance indexes and mass key values.

When Databases Meet FPGA – Achieving 1 Million TPS with X-DB Heterogeneous Computing

The new FPGA-accelerated X-DB is turning heads for its path-breaking performance. This article throws some light on its research and development work.

MaxCompute Now Available on Alibaba Cloud UK Data Center

MaxCompute is launched as one of the first big data computing services available on the new Alibaba Cloud UK data center.

Using Second-Level Monitoring to Troubleshoot MongoDB Errors

This article gives you a glimpse of Alibaba Cloud' second-level monitoring system to troubleshoot MongoDB.

How to Securely Store Your Configurations on Alibaba Cloud

This article gives you a brief on Alibaba Cloud ACM and describes how it solves the problems related to configuration security management.

Building a RESTful API with Express, PostgreSQL, and Node Using ES6

In this guide, I would be explaining how to build a basic bookstore RESTful API where a user can perform a basic CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE AND DELETE) operation.

How to Set Up and Configure RStudio on Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will be installing RStudio on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance to perform statistical data analysis and train machine learning algorithms.

MySQL Database Horizontal Scaling Solution

This article discusses data sharding and horizontal scaling approaches that are useful for efficient and cost effective storage of data for businesses of all sizes.

Setting up a PostgreSQL database on an Ubuntu instance

In this guide, we will install and set up a PostgreSQL database on Ubuntu using an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

How ApsaraDB for Redis Supports for the November 11 shopping spree

In this article, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraDB for Redis by using several typical business scenarios encountered during Alibaba's Double Eleven (Singles' Day) festival.

Double Eleven Technology Series: Flash Sales Optimization on PostgreSQL

In this article, we will discover how Alibaba optimizes flash sales for its annual Double Eleven online shopping festival using advisory locks on PostgreSQL.

Double Eleven Technology Series: Word Segmentation and Index Searching

This article introduces how Alibaba uses PostgreSQL index searching and word segmentation technologies for its annual Double Eleven online shopping festival.

Double Eleven Technology Series: Logistics and Dynamic Path Planning

This article introduces how Alibaba optimizes logistics for the Double Eleven online shopping festival using PostgreSQL, Greenplum, and PostGIS.

Double Eleven Technology Series: Replacing Word Segmentation with Regular Expression and Similarity

In this article, we will explore how we can implement fuzzy query and similarity-based query for text searching by using PostgreSQL.