Big Data

Processing Open Source Data Stored on OSS with MaxCompute

This article describes how to store open source data in popular formats on OSS and use an unstructured framework to process the data on MaxCompute.

Performance Breakthrough - Reconstruction of IoT System Based on Kafka + OTS + MaxCompute

SUYUN Technology has made a performance breakthrough after the reconstructing their Internet of Things (IoT) system based on Kafka + OTS + MaxCompute.

N Methods for Migrating Data to MaxCompute

In this article, Bin Fu, data technical expert at Alibaba Cloud, introduced an internal combat demo system used for processing big data, including both offline and real-time data.

Data Conversion Practices of MaxCompute Data Warehouse

In this article, Bin Fu, data technical expert at Alibaba Cloud, talks about the MaxCompute data architecture as well as data conversion practices of .

What's New in MaxCompute 2.0?

In this article, Yun Lang, Senior Product Expert at Alibaba Cloud talks about MaxCompute 2.0's new features and its performance in the TPCx-BB benchmark test.

Optimizing Alimama's Digital Marketing Solution with MaxCompute's Advanced Features

In this article, Liang Shimu, large-scale data processing expert at Alimama, will share typical application scenarios and advanced features of MaxCompute in Alimama's digital marketing solution.

Building a Social Recommendation System Based on Big Data

Friend recommendation engines are a crucial part of social media channels. We will discuss how to create such a system with Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute.

How to Set Up Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to install and configure a single node Apache Cassandra on an Alibaba Cloud ECS with Ubuntu 16.04.

Combining Redis with Hadoop and ELK for Big Data

Redis is now a major component used in many Big Data applications. Redis is a favorable alternative to traditional relational database services becaus.

Deciphering Data to Uncover Hidden Insights – Understanding the Data

In this article series, we will be exploring data analytics for businesses using Alibaba Cloud QuickBI and sample data from banking and financial services.

Using GPS Collars to Track the Movements of African Elephants

On July 24, 2017, Jack Ma adopted an African elephant named 'Hangzhou'. Now that a year has passed, scientists have been analyzing the data from Hangzhou's GPS collar to track its behavior.

Exploring Blockchain and Big Data with Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics

Wang Liang, CEO of YouYue Beijing Tech Inc., shares his experience of using an Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics for big data analysis on blockchain logs.

Headless Web Scraping in Python with Beautiful Soup 4

In this guide, we will be writing our own basic headless web scraping "bot" in Python with Beautiful Soup 4 on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance with CentOS 7.

Is Your Enterprise Well-Prepared for AI?

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI is a machine learning algorithm platform based on Alibaba Cloud's distributed computing engine.

GT-Scan2: Bringing Bioinformatics to Alibaba Cloud

Learn how Alibaba Cloud powers the cutting-edge genome sequence search tool, GT-Scan2, with its suite of big data products and serverless computing platform.

Lessons Learned at the 2017 CIKM AnalytiCup Machine Learning Competition

The CIKM AnalytiCup Machine Learning Competition is a platform to explore how different AI algorithms compete against each other in solving real-world problems.

Moving Towards a Unified IoT Platform

As IoT becomes ubiquitous, businesses require end-to-end O&M capabilities. In this article, we will explore how this is driving the demand for a unified IoT platform.

From Single-tenant IaaS to Multi-tenant PaaS - Multi-tenant Isolation with MaxCompute

In this article, we will discuss about the multi-tenant PaaS architecture of MaxCompute and how this architecture improves big data analytics.

Creating an Ecosystem for Redevelopment with Alibaba Cloud DataWorks

In this article, we explore why organizations are redeveloping their IT ecosystem and explore how Alibaba Cloud DataWorks can help organizations accomplish this change.

How to Setup Hadoop Cluster Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to setup an Apache Hadoop on a single node cluster on an Alibaba Cloud ECS with Ubuntu 16.04.