Development of Java Logging Part 1: Past and Present

By Shangzuo Preface Initially, I wrote this article to share my knowledge of Java logging with my team, as I often encountered irrational logging co.

Common Java Code Defects and Solutions

This article summarizes common code defects and solutions encountered in daily development to provide helpful insights.

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This article analyzes the root cause of Kotlin coroutine deadlock and how to completely avoid this problem.

Non-intrusive Observability Exploration with GraalVM Static Compilation

This article introduces a static instrumentation approach for Java Agent, focusing on the concept of static instrumentation.

Compact Object Headers in Dragonwell JDK: Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency for Java Applications

This article introduces the latest technology of OpenJDK: compact object headers which is now provided by Dragonwell JDK and significantly optimizes the memory usage of Java applications.

New Tool of Java 22: Use Java Stream Gather to Handle States in a Stream

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A Trick to Get Rid of If-Else: Elegant Parameter Verification

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Retry Mechanism in Java Fault-tolerant Programming

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Implementation of Java API Throttling

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Official Release of IntelliJ IDEA and Apache Dubbo's IDEA Plug-in

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Analysis of Performance Practices in Java Log and Principle Interpretation

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How to Run Spark in MaxCompute

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Several Routines and Implementations of Maintaining Extensibility in Java

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Building Microservices Applications Based on Static Compilation

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Deploying a Java Web Environment on a CentOS 7 Instance Manually

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A New Stream: Adding the Generator Feature to Java

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How to Ensure Java Application Security?

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Exploring the Principles of Runtime Type T in A<T> Generics in Java

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Towards Native: Examples and Principles of Spring and Dubbo AOT Technology

This article discusses Java application challenges in the cloud era, GraalVM Native Image solutions, and the principles of GraalVM.

Major Upgrade of Dubbo Triple Protocol: Support for Connecting the Web and Backend Microservices Over HTTP

The Dubbo Triple Protocol has undergone a major upgrade, allowing for seamless connectivity between web and backend microservices over HTTP.