Facial Recognition

Learn How Alibaba Engineers Accommodated for Face Masks in their Face Recognition Algorithms

Learn how Alibaba engineers accommodated for face masks in their face recognition algorithms in response to coronavirus outbreak.

Implementing Facial Recognition Applications with Raspberry Pi and Docker

This article illustrates how to simplify software development for a facial recognition application in Raspberry Pi using Docker.

Facial Recognition and Swapping

Facial recognition is an extension of face detection, which matches unique characteristics of a face for the purpose of identification.

Image Recognition Using Edge Detection

Image recognition is a popular technology that can detect, understand, and distinguish images from one another.

Person Re-Identification (ReID), a New Facial Recognition Record

Person Re-Identification (ReID) has been a research focus in computer vision in recent years. It is the process of retrieving images of a person across devices based on a given image of that person.