Data Warehouse

Apache Paimon: Streaming Lakehouse is Coming

This article is based on the keynote speeches given by LI Jinsong, WU Xiangping, DI Xingxing, and WANG Yunpeng during Flink Forward Asia 2023.

Technical Principle of Hologres Binlog

This article describes an overview of the implementation principles and best practices of Hologres Binlog.

Hologres Technology: Extreme Analysis Performance of JSON Semi-structured Data

This article describes the technical principles of Hologres' JSONB semi-structured data and highlights the exceptional analysis performance of JSON semi-structured data.

Building a Streaming Lakehouse: Performance Comparison Between Paimon and Hudi

This article compares the performance of Paimon and Hudi on Alibaba Cloud EMR and explores their respective roles in building quasi-real-time data warehouses.

Lakehouse: AnalyticDB for MySQL Ingests Data from Multiple Tables to Data Lakes with Flink CDC + Hudi

This article explores how AnalyticDB for MySQL uses Apache Hudi to ingest complete and incremental data from multiple CDC tables into data lakes.

The Principle of the Elasticity Technology of the Cloud-native Data Warehouse AnalyticDB

This article introduces the AnalyticDB MySQL Multi-Cluster elastic model for automatic and intelligent scaling to better fit business loads, make full use of resources, and maximize benefits.

Build an All-in-one Real-time Data Warehouse (Code-level) Based on AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

This article introduces the process of building an all-in-one real-time data warehouse using AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL at the code level.

Announcement of the Release of Apache Flink 1.18

The Apache Flink PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Flink 1.18.0. As usual, we are looking at a packed release with a wide variety of improvements and new features.

Data Integration using Alibaba Cloud DataWorks

Data Integration uses data studio in Data works environment. Data processing uses Hive SQL to parse through the massive amount of data available and Q.

Demystifying Second-level Funnel Analysis Function of AnalyticDB for MySQL

This article introduces the implementation and application of Funnel Analysis.

Learning about Distributed Systems - Part 23: Distributed Data Warehouse

Part 23 of this series explains why Offline data warehouses based on Hive and real-time data warehouses based on Kafka + Flink make it easy to distribute data warehouses.

How Generative AI Can Revolutionize Data Engineering

This article describes how Generative AI can be utilized along with Common Data Engineering terms such as Data Lake, ETL Pipeline, Data Lineage, Data Warehouse and Data Visualization.

The Intelligent Evolution of the Data Middle Platform – 12 Years of Development from Alibaba's Data Platform

This article explains the developmental stages of Alibaba’s data middle platform.

Build Gen-AI Apps on Cloud-Native Data Warehouse - Part 2 | Demo

In this tutorial, we will introduce a demo on EasyDispatch, Multi-language model and AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL vector database.

Build Gen-AI Applications on Cloud-Native Data Warehouse - Part 1

In this tutorial, we will introduce AnalyticDB with its vector engine to support companies to build up their own generative AI project.

The Thinking and Design of a Quasi-Real-Time Data Warehouse with Stream and Batch Integration

This article explores the practice of stream-batch integrated Flink SQL based on data lakes and explores the expression consistency, result consistenc...

A Comparison of Data Modeling Methods for Big Data

Organizations need to invest in appropriate data models to draw insights from them. This article gives an overview of data modeling methods and introduces Alibaba Cloud’s Big Data modeling practices.

How to Achieve "All-in-One Full-Text Search" through Cloud-Native Data Warehouses

This article introduces how AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL implements an all-in-one full-text search business and elaborates on its dominant technology.

Implementation of Real-Time Data Warehouse Storage and Analysis of Various Technical Architectures

This article discusses several facets of real-time data warehouses, including characteristics, benefits, and building them.

Serverless Data Warehouse Exploration for Agile Data Analysis

This article explains how to help enterprises upgrade to a more agile analytics platform architecture using Serverless OLAP, simplifying architecture complexity and improving analysis efficiency.