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Alibaba Cloud's Worldwide Launches Next-Gen ESSDs, Built for AIoT

Alibaba Cloud's next-gen ESSDs are now available worldwide. These ESSDs can accelerate your cloud services and make Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) a reality.

Alibaba Cloud AnalyticDB Performance Ranks First Globally

AnalyticDB, the ultra-large-scale database developed by Alibaba Cloud, ranked first in TPC's latest database analysis performance rankings after a series of benchmarks.

Data Quality Management of Data Warehouses Based on MaxCompute

This article offers suggestions on how to generate quality data while constructing a MaxCompute data warehouse, and thus provides guidance for practical data governance.

Out-of-the-Box MaxCompute Data Security Solution

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute and DataWorks can be used together for customizing project-based security configurations based on tenants' requirements.

7 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cloud Data Warehouse

This article introduces the basis for selection of cloud data warehouse by referring to research reports from TDWI and Forrester, to help you in the selection of cloud data warehouse.

Uploading and Downloading Complex MaxCompute Data Using Tunnel SDK

This article shows you how you can upload complex data to MaxCompute through Tunnel SDK.

UDF Development Guide with MaxCompute Studio

This article describes how to create new projects and perform other actions on MaxCompute Studio to help new users get quickly started.

MaxCompute SQL Join Development Guide

In this article, we will be discussing several MaxCompute Join operations using standard SQL semantics.

MaxCompute Java SDK Development Guide

In this article, we will introduce MaxCompute's Java SDK to help developers in their daily coding and development work.

What Is MaxCompute Studio and Privileges

MaxCompute Studio is a big data integrated development environment (IDE) tool that is provided by the MaxCompute platform and installed on the developer’s client.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute vs. AWS Redshift / Azure SQL data warehouse

Alibaba Cloud’s MaxCompute is a large-scale data analysis platform that is purpose-built for running big data workloads.

How to Connect IBM Cognos to AnalyticDB

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to connect IBM Cognos to Alibaba Cloud's AnalyticDB, using AnalyticDB as the data source for Cognos.

MaxCompute Table Design Specification

In this article, we will discuss several methods to specify your tables on Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute.

Best Practices of Designing MaxCompute Tables

In this article, we will discuss the best practices of designing Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute tables by using typical application scenarios of MaxCompute.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute: Advancing to EB-level Data Platforms with 600-PB Computing Capacity

This document shows how MaxCompute supports the rapid growth of Alibaba Group's businesses through the deployment of tens of thousands of clustered servers.

Alibaba Cloud Big Data Products Continue to Impress the Global Market

Alibaba Cloud's MaxCompute is recognized as one of the top Cloud Data Warehouse product globally, and the highest ranked product from Asia.

FAQs for Data Upload with MaxCompute Tunnel

In this article, we cover some frequently asked questions about MaxCompute Tunnel commands, which are mainly used to upload or download data.

MaxCompute Enables User Profiling in Five Steps

Yi Xiu, a technical expert at Alibaba Cloud, shares some best practices of log processing and data warehouse (DW) creation using MaxCompute.

Troubleshooting MaxCompute Jobs with Logview

Many users may encounter problems when using MaxCompute but are unable to troubleshoot them. This article shows you how you can check and debug MaxCompute jobs with Logview.

Creating a Partition Table with Data Lake Analytics

In this article, we will show you how to create and use a partition table in Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA).