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Optimization on Memory Usage During Rust Cargo Code Compiling

This article provides a comprehensive guide on managing out-of-memory issues when compiling large projects with Rust's Cargo.

A Trick to Get Rid of If-Else: Elegant Parameter Verification

This article focuses on discussing how to gracefully perform parameter verification.

A Comprehensive Discussion on C++20 Coroutines

This article is an introduction to C++20 coroutines. It provides a comprehensive explanation of the concept and implementation of coroutines

Implementation Principles and Best Practices of Distributed Lock

This article explains the principles and best practices for distributed locks.

Triple-based Implementation of Full Access to the Web Mobile Backend

This article introduces the Triple protocol and highlights the importance of service governance in microservices and how Dubbo brings governance capabilities to the Triple protocol.

Blog 1: Introduction to 12 Factor App and Alibaba Cloud - Setting the Stage for Scalable Web App Deployment

In the dynamic world of web application development, efficiency and scalability are paramount. That's where the 12 Factor App methodology shines.

Deploying a Java Web Environment on a CentOS 7 Instance Manually

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to manually deploy a Java web environment on an ECS instance.

A New Stream: Adding the Generator Feature to Java

This article introduces a new design pattern that is not specific to any programming language but is applicable to many modern programming languages.

Exploring the Principles of Runtime Type T in A<T> Generics in Java

The article explores Java generics and delves into the impact of reflection on the extension of generics and type erasure.

Get Started with WebAssembly in Five Minutes

This article introduces WebAssembly and gives a comprehensive description from theoretical introduction to practical application.

OpenAnolis Whitepaper: Using io_uring to Improve Database System Performance

This short article discusses the background, key technology, features, and application scenarios behind io_uring.

A Quick Start of React for Java Developers

This article mainly introduces three disruptive ideas from React.

Is Your Redis Slowing Down? – Part 1: Determining Slowdown

Part 1 of this 2-part series discusses the method of determining Redis slowdown.

Is Your Redis Slowing Down? – Part 2: Optimizing and Improving Performance

Part 2 of this 2-part series explains how to improve Redis performance.

Java Annotation Processing Tool - AbstractProcessor

This article provides a detailed description of how Java annotation processors work and how they automatically generate code.

The Art of Code Comments: Does Good Code Need Comments?

This article discusses code comments, including their importance, significance, and controversies.

Java Development Practices: Using Thread Pools and Thread Variables Properly

This article introduces the principles and usage practices of thread pools and thread variables and gives best practices to help developers build stable and efficient Java application services.

An Introduction to Rust Memory Distribution

This article introduces the distribution of Rust's various data structures in memory from shallow to deep to help readers learn Rust easier.

E-commerce for Business with Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting

In this tutorial, we will look at how to "transfer in" a domain name, and then install WordPress and WooCommerce to build an e-commerce site.

Essential Guide to Alibaba Cloud Domain Name System (DNS)

In this article, we will discuss about the Alibaba Cloud Domain Name System (DNS) product and explore its various benefits.