Live Stream Schedule - The Computing Conference 2018

The Computing Conference 2018, Alibaba's annual flagship event, will showcase an array of cutting-edge technology from the company and its partners from September 19th to 22nd in Hangzhou, China.

August Announcement of Alibaba Cloud Community Builder Program

We are pleased to announce the results for the August edition of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder program.

What's New in MaxCompute 2.0?

In this article, Yun Lang, Senior Product Expert at Alibaba Cloud talks about MaxCompute 2.0's new features and its performance in the TPCx-BB benchmark test.

Alibaba Group Tackling Poverty through Technology

Alibaba Group is dedicated to cultivating talents and serving nonprofit organizations globally using technology.

Last Call for Alibaba Cloud MVP Nomination - September 2018 Batch

Are you obsessed with technology and passionate about Alibaba Cloud? Nomination for new Alibaba Cloud MVP award winners (September 2018 batch) is now open.

Ultra Low Latency and High Performance Deep Learning Processor with FPGA

Alibaba's Infrastructure Service Group and the algorithm team from Machine Intelligence Technologies have successfully developed an ultra low latency .

Catch the Finals of the 2018 Global Blockchain Competition at Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference

Alibaba Cloud Global Blockchain Competition is a global competition aimed at promoting the application of blockchain technology across different industry verticals.

Alibaba Cloud ET Environment Brain Assists in AI-based Flood Control in Zhejiang, China

Discover how Alibaba Cloud assisted Jinhua, a city in Zhejiang province of China, to combat floods using artificial intelligence with ET Environment Brain.

Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes Service Enters Beta Testing Phase

Alibaba Cloud's Serverless Kubernetes service is intended to lower entry barriers for using container technology and simplify the operations and maintenance of container platforms.

Alibaba Cloud Partners with National University of Singapore to Support Smart Nation Initiative

Alibaba Cloud launched an innovation incubator program with National University of Singapore (NUS) at the Alibaba Cloud Summit – Infinity 2018, aimed at nurturing data science talents in Singapore.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Nine Products to Support Global Digital Transformation across Different Industries

Alibaba Cloud launched a new suite of product offerings for the global market at the Alibaba Cloud Summit – Infinity 2018, meeting the demands of the retail industry.

Alibaba's SSD Platform Sets a New Standard for Storage

Alibaba Group launched its Open Channel Ecosystem at the Flash Memory Summit 2019, laying the foundation for an innovative Open Channel ecosystem with global vendors.

Alibaba Cloud Showcases Cloud-Native PolarDB Database at ICDE

Alibaba Cloud publicly showcased the cloud-native PolarDB database at the International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) in April 2018.

Using GPS Collars to Track the Movements of African Elephants

On July 24, 2017, Jack Ma adopted an African elephant named 'Hangzhou'. Now that a year has passed, scientists have been analyzing the data from Hangzhou's GPS collar to track its behavior.

Announcing July's Winners and Best Entries of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder Program

We are glad to announce the results for the July edition of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder program.

Interactive Viewing Experience for the World Cup Using Redis

In this article, we look at how Alibaba Cloud supported 70% of the World Cup live broadcast traffic in China using Redis.

A Brief History of Alibaba Cloud Apsara System

Dr. Wang Jian, the founder of Alibaba Cloud, briefly talked about the early days of Alibaba Cloud on the latest episode of the CCTV TV program "Readers".

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraCache – On the Road to Open Source

At the LC3 summit, the Alibaba Cloud Redis team won CRUG's award for being one of the most influential members of the open source community.

China Developer Survey Report 2017 Revisited

The China Developer Survey Report is an annual study by the Alibaba Cloud Developer Community, primarily focused on the present situation of China's d...

Alibaba Deploys Alibaba Open Channel SSD for Next Generation Data Centers

Alibaba is deploying and testing the industry's first productionized open channel SSD in its Hyperscale data centers.