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Alibaba Cloud Partners with the Universiti Malaya to Elevate Malaysia’s Digital Competence

Inaugural Internship Program and Skills Centre Set to Drive Digital Advancements and Cultivate Local Industry-Ready Talent

Alibaba Cloud Collaborates with HKIIT to Drive Development Opportunities for Students and Professionals

The HKIIT and Alibaba Cloud signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a collaborative partnership in jointly promoting the manpower development of IT.

The Growing Need for Cloud Computing Training & Certifications in a Hybrid World

This artice emphasizes the need for training and certifications to effectively manage multi-cloud environments and highlights Alibaba Cloud Academy's offerings in cloud training and certifications.

Alibaba Cloud Joins Hands with Chulalongkorn University to Launches Innovative Skills Center to Empower Next-Gen Digital Talents

Alibaba Cloud has partnered with Chulalongkorn University to open the first worldwide Alibaba Cloud Academy Skills Center to cultivate a new generation of digital talents in Thailand.

Get Ready for the Alibaba Cloud Academy November Carnival!

Enjoy a wave of leaning throughout November. Grab an exclusive opportunity for free professional training and certifications.

The Different Stages of Adopting a Cloud Network

In this blog, we will talk about the different stages of adopting a cloud network, and how Alibaba Cloud can help you throughout every stage through our networking services.

Unlock the Power of Digitalization: Alibaba's Best Practices for Rural Areas

This article promotes Alibaba's program on Best Practices in Digitalizing Rural Areas.

Renew Your Alibaba Cloud Certification and Propel Your Career

This blog describes the process and highlight the benefits of renewing your Alibaba Cloud Certification.

Joining Alibaba Cloud Academy October Challenge

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud Academy’s October Challenge, a 4-week program to enhance knowledge and skills in Alibaba Cloud products.

Empower Your Partnership with Alibaba Cloud Professional Cloud Computing 2-Day Training

Explore the cloud computing training with Alibaba Cloud.

How MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud are Powering the Era of Autonomous Driving

This article describes how MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud are powering the autonomous driving industry.

Alibaba Cloud x MongoDB Bootcamp: Getting Started with ApsaraDB for MongoDB

Explore this article to learn MongoDB's popular scenarios and practice your skills with ApsaraDB for MongoDB.

Alibaba Cloud Academy Student Central: The Invaluable Portal for Students

This short article introduces Alibaba Cloud Student, explaining its benefits and how to join the program.

Learning about Distributed Systems - Part 2: The Interaction Between Open Source and Business

This is the second blog of the distributed systems series. Today we look at the intriguing history of how academia and industry, open-source and business get along with each other.

What Is Alibaba Cloud Academy Certification?

This article introduces the Alibaba Cloud Academy Certification program, covering various areas such as big data, security, and artificial intelligence.

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership?

The article highlights the benefits of joining a membership on Alibaba Cloud Academy for individuals or organizations seeking to enhance their cloud computing knowledge and skills.

Alibaba Cloud Partner Summit 2023 | Training Enablement Forum

Join us at Alibaba Cloud Partner Summit 2023 - Training Enablement Forum to learn more about Alibaba Cloud Academy's training and certification program.

New Courses and Updates from Alibaba Cloud Academy Training and Certification in May 2023

Check out this month’s recommended webinars and training and sign up to learn with Alibaba Cloud Academy.

Alibaba Cloud Academy Certification Courses - A Visual Guide

Not sure which Alibaba Cloud certification is right for you? Check out this visual guide by the Academy Team to get a better understanding of all our certifications.

Alibaba Cloud Partner Sales Enablement Webinar

Alibaba Cloud Academy is offering two webinars focused on Alibaba Cloud Partner Sales Enablement. Don't miss out on this opportunity - sign up now for the webinars.