Sneak Peek: Apache Flink 1.11 Is Coming Soon!

This article describes the new features, improvements, and important changes of Flink 1.11 and Flink's future development plans.

The Run-In Period for Flink and Hive

Jason addresses the bugs and compatibility issues with Flink-Hive by operating on a Hive database using Flink SQL to demonstrate some of the features provided.

Hive Finally Has Flink!

Jason introduces the architecture of Hive integration in Flink, discusses problems, and how to solve them.

A Deep Dive into Apache Flink 1.11: Stream-Batch Integrated Hive Data Warehouse

Li Jinsong and Li Rui, Alibaba Technical Experts, talk about the features, revisions, and improvements of Apache Flink 1.11.

How to Synchronize Data from Hive to MaxCompute?

This article discusses how to migrate data from Hive to MaxCompute using MaxCompute Migration Assist (MMA) and its functions, technical architecture, and implementation principles.

Flink 1.10 vs. Hive 3.0 - A Performance Comparison

This blog compares the performance of Flink 1.10 against Hive 3.0 using the TPC-DS Benchmark 10-TB dataset and 20 hosts to test 3 engines.

Using Hive in Apache Flink 1.9

This article describes the integration of Hive with Apache Flink 1.9.0 and discusses this feature from the perspectives of design architecture, the latest progress, and usage instructions.

What's All Involved with Blink Merging with Apache Flink?

In January Alibaba announced Blink would become open-source and contribute to Apache Flink's code—now this has come to Fruition.

Apache Flink Release Integrates Alibaba Blink Features

Apache Flink 1.9.0 is an important update that integrates many of the features of Alibaba's Blink, including batch recovery for batch jobs and a Blink-based query engine.

Rewriting the Execution Plan in the EMR Spark Relational Cache

This article goes through the process of rewriting execution plans in the Spark Relational Cache on EMR.