Redefines Luxury Retail Experience in China with a New Extended Partnership with Alibaba

LVMH Group and Alibaba Group announced an extended partnership to push further the boundary of luxury experience in China through AI-powered innovations in retail and on-line with Tmall.

Starter Guide | Build a RAG Service on Compute Nest with LLM on PAI-EAS and AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL in One Click

This tutorial describes how to build a RAG service using Compute Nest with LLM on Alibaba Cloud's PAI-EAS and AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL.

Membangun Layanan Multimodal dengan Qwen dan Model Studio

Artikel ini menjelaskan cara menerapkan AI multimodal menggunakan Model Studio dari Alibaba Cloud, Qwen-Audio, Qwen-VL, Qwen-Agent, dan OpenSearch (Edisi Pencarian Percakapan Berbasis LLM).

Qwen과 Model Studio로 멀티모달 서비스 구축하기

이 문서에서는 Alibaba Cloud의 Model Studio, Qwen-Audio, Qwen-VL, Qwen-Agent 및 OpenSearch(LLM 기반 대화형 검색 에디션)를 사용하여 멀티모달 AI를 구현하는 방법에 대해 설명합니다.

Alibaba Cloud to Help Elevate Olympic Viewing with AI-Enhanced Multi-Camera Replay Service

Alibaba Cloud in partnership with Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS), was testing its latest AI-enhanced multi-camera replay service at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Shanghai from May 16 to 19.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Generative AI Course to Upskill Global Digital Talent

Nurturing over 60,000 digital talents since April 2023 through Alibaba Cloud training programs

Qwen と Model Studio によるマルチモーダルサービスの構築生成

この記事では、Alibaba Cloud の Model Studio、Qwen-Audio、Qwen-VL、Qwen-Agent、および OpenSearch (LLM-Based Conversational Search Edition) を使用してマルチモーダル AI を実装する方法について説明します。

Xây dựng các dịch vụ đa phương thức với Qwen và Model Studio

Bài viết này mô tả cách triển khai AI đa phương thức bằng Model Studio, Qwen-Audio, Qwen-VL, Qwen-Agent và OpenSearch (Phiên bản tìm kiếm hội thoại dựa trên LLM) của Alibaba Cloud.

An Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Platform for AI (PAI)

This article provides an in-depth introduction to Alibaba Cloud's Platform for AI (PAI), illustrating its role as a comprehensive solution for advancing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Fusion of Cloud Computing and AI: A Path Forward for Self-Developed Operating System

This article introduces an interview with experts from Alibaba Cloud on the integration of cloud computing and AI and the development of self-developed operating systems.

Blogs of the Week – Ep. 7, 2024

Welcome to the seventh episode of Blogs of the Week in 2024, where we feature the most influential and trending topics from recent weeks.

Alibaba Cloud's Qwen Models Attract over 90,000 Enterprise Adoptions Within its First Year

The MaaS Pioneer Upgrades its AI Development Platform, Unveils Enhanced Propriety LLM Model, and Expands Open-source Offerings to Cater for Soaring Generative AI Demand.

Alibaba Cloud's Model Studio Supports Llama3 Models

Alibaba Cloud's generative AI development platform Model Studio is now compatible with Llama3, the latest open-source LLM from Meta.

การสร้างบริการหลากหลายรูปแบบด้วย Qwen และ Model Studio

บทความนี้จะอธิบายวิธีใช้งาน AI ผสานต่อเนื่องหลายรูปแบบโดยใช้ Model Studio, Qwen-Audio, Qwen-VL, Qwen-Agent และ OpenSearch ของ Alibaba Cloud (LLM - อิง...

Memicu Revolusi AI - Sebuah Perjalanan dengan RAG dan LangChain

Artikel ini membawa pembaca dalam eksplorasi perjalanan Revolusi AI transformatif yang menginspirasi, yang memahami lebih dalam konsep revolusioner Retrieval-Augmented Generation dan LangChain.

Unveiling the Power of Alibaba Cloud AI: An Introduction

An introduction to Alibaba Cloud AI

Quickly Deploy Tongyi Qianwen in EAS

This article describes how to deploy a web application based on the open source model Tongyi Qianwen and perform model inference on the web page or using API operations in EAS of PAI.

Deploy a Hugging Face Model in EAS

This article describes how to deploy a Hugging Face model in PAI EAS.

Alibaba’s Dingtalk Launches AI Agent Marketplace, Upgrades AI Assistant

Alibaba's communication app DingTalk launched a marketplace of 200 AI-powered agents specializing in productivity and workplace tools.

Deploy AI Video Generation Application in EAS

This article describes how to deploy an AI video generation application, related inference services and answers to FAQ during the deployment.