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Nowhere was there a bigger display of AI than during the world's largest retail event, where large language models powered shopping.

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Alibaba Cloud's New AI Tools Spotted at Apsara 2023

Alibaba Cloud rolled out during Apsara a suite of domain-specific models built upon Tongyi Qianwen. Its digital avatar creation tool and AI text-to-image tool make content creation more efficient.

Q&A: Alibaba Cloud’s CTO on Creating China’s Biggest AI Model Community

Developers have access to over 2,300 AI models on ModelScope. ModelScope has attracted over 100 million model downloads in the past year.

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Forrester Recognizes Ant Group as a Leader in Enterprise Fraud Management in the Asia Pacific Region

Ant Group was recognized by Forrester as an industry leader in Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM) in the Asia Pacific region.

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