Green Technology

Alibaba Cloud's Carbon Emission Analyzing Tool for Businesses

Alibaba Cloud's Energy Expert can measure, analyze and manage carbon emissions generated by companies' business activities and products.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Carbon Management Solution – Energy Expert

Energy Expert is a sustainability platform available for global customers to measure, analyse and better manage carbon emission.

Interpretation of “1+N” Policy: Explore Low-Carbon and Green China

This article explores ideas about the 1+N policy, carbon emissions, and carbon neutrality.

Alibaba Group Joins Low Carbon Patent Pledge to Accelerate the Adoption of Green Technology

Alibaba Group pledges to make nine energy efficiency patents technology available for free for the first time.

Alibaba Cloud Makes Net Zero Targets Personal with Carbon Tracking Tech

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud's carbon tracking tech and how it helps people make low-carbon choices.

How Alibaba Cloud Data Centers Will Reach 100% Clean Energy By 2030

Let's take a look at how Alibaba Cloud aims to have its global data centers running entirely on clean energy by 2030.

Alibaba Cloud Drives Sustainability and Inclusiveness at Beijing 2022

This article describes how Alibaba Cloud helps drive sustainability and inclusiveness at Beijing 2022.

Alibaba Cloud Reveals Innovations for a Sustainable and Inclusive 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

World’s largest global shopping festival running 100% on cloud for the first time.

[Infographic] Alibaba Cloud's Green Data Centers 101

Take a look at this visual flow chart to learn the basics and importance of Alibaba Cloud's Green Data Centers.

Alibaba Cloud Sustainability Report 2021

We've just launched our very first sustainability report! Read on to discover how we are leveraging technology to tackle some of the most pressing issues in our society.