Query Rewriting

OceanBase Rewriting Series: Best Practices for Promoting Subquery Performance

Part 3 of this Series introduces aggregation subquery promotion, a rewrite strategy for aggregation-related subqueries, and the pitfalls of this rewrite strategy.

OceanBase Rewriting Series: Subquery Promotion

Part 2 of the OceanBase Rewriting Series focuses on the strategy of rewriting subqueries in existential determination predicates into SEMI/ANTI JOIN.

OceanBase Rewriting Series: An Overview of the OceanBase Query Rewriting Practices

Part 1 of the OceanBase Rewriting Series focuses on OceanBase query rewriting practices.

Detailed Explanation of Query Rewriting Based on Materialized Views

This article describes the definition of materialized view for databases and ways to rewrite queries based on it.