Clean Code - Be a Thinking Programmer Instead of a Code Farmer

This article discusses code cleanliness in terms of coding, refactoring, and design patterns, and provides insights on how to become a thoughtful programmer.

An Introduction to RSocket: Servlet vs. RSocket

This article explains some basic knowledge of RSocket by comparing Servlet and RSocket.

Code Smell - High Cyclomatic Complexity with Multi-Layer Nesting

This article introduces cyclomatic complexity and discusses good/bad code smells.

Details of the Architecture of MySQL 8.0 Server Layer

This article analyzes and summarizes the source code of MySQL 8.0.25.

Query Resolution of MySQL 8.0 Optimizer

This article introduces how MySQL 8.0 optimizer turns a simple string into an execution sequence the database executor can return the data to the client.

Query Transformation of MySQL 8.0 Optimizer

This article introduces the complex transformation process of subqueries, partitioned tables, and JOIN operations.

An Exploration of Cross-Language Programming

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Why Should You Learn Rust?

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Learning about Defect Detection in Code Intelligence

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Learning about Intelligent Code Completion

This article explains the history and current situation of code completion.

Learning How to Use Common Linux Commands

This article lists and describes some of the most common commands of the Linux operating system.

A Guide on Environment Variable Configuration in Linux

This is a guide on environment variable configuration for the Linux operating system.

Formal Verification Tool TLA+: An Introduction from the Perspective of a Programmer

A programmer offers perspective and reintroduces TLA+ using his experiences.

Why Product Thinking is Needed for IT Professionals?

This article introduces product thinking and explains its usefulness.

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This article describes a story of our cloud ambassador, Zilong.

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Cloud Ambassador Story: How This Programmer Becomes a Top Ambassador?

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