Anolis OS

AI Container Image Deployment: Qwen-Audio-Chat

This article introduces how to quickly build an AI voice assistant service based on Alibaba Cloud AMD servers and OpenAnolis AI container service.

Introduction to OpenAnolis and Anolis OS

OpenAnolis, Anolis OS, Operating System, Developers, CentOS, Linux, Open source

OpenAnolis Whitepaper: A Smooth Migration Solution for CentOS

This short article explains how OpenAnolis developed a set of effective migration methodologies to support users migrating operating systems, including CentOS.

Yong Yang (Chairman of OpenAnolis Technical Committee): Outlook for the Next Generation Operating System

This article is a transcript of Yong Yang's speech from the 2022 Apsara Conference Anolis Operating System session.

Detailed Guide for Migrating from CentOS to Anolis OS

How do CentOS users migrate smoothly to Anolis OS? Read this blog to find out.