Interpretation of VLDB Paper | Core Technologies for Strongly Consistent Cluster of PolarDB MySQL

The article introduces a paper written by the Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB team. It discusses PolarDB-SCC, a cloud-native database with a globally strongly consistent primary-secondary architecture.

Async-fork: Mitigating Query Latency Spikes Incurred by the Fork-based Snapshot Mechanism

This article focuses on the query tail latency spikes caused by memory key-value pair databases when using fork to take snapshots and solves the problem from the perspective of the operating system.

Seven Papers from Alibaba Cloud Database Selected by VLDB

This short article discusses some of the seven papers from Alibaba Cloud included at VLDB 2022.

VLDB 2022 – Alibaba Cloud Dr. Jiong Xie Paper Session About Ganos

Dr. Jiong Xie shared the latest paper about Ganos, the new generation cloud-native spatio-temporal database engine in VLDB 2022.