Real-Time Analytics

Data Lake for Stream Computing: The Evolution of Apache Paimon

Uncover the advancements from Apache Hive to Hudi and Iceberg in stream computing, as our expert navigates the transformative landscape of real-time data lakes.

What is Change Data Capture (CDC)?

Change Data Capture (CDC) detects and captures data changes as they occur in source systems, such as databases or applications.

The Next Step of Flink CDC

This article is based on a keynote speech given by Jark Wu, head of Flink SQL and Flink CDC at Alibaba Cloud, during Flink Forward Asia 2023.

Flink CDC 3.0| A Next-generation Real-time Data Integration Framework

Flink CDC 3.0 is a cutting-edge framework for real-time data integration, offering an efficient, scalable CDC solution with Apache Flink.

Unlock Real-Time Insights: Analyze Redis Slow Logs with Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch and Rsbeat

This article outlines a step-by-step approach using Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch and Rsbeat to analyze Redis slow logs in real-time, enabling you to swiftly pinpoint and address issues.

Understanding Stream Processing: Real-Time Data Analysis and Use Cases

Learn about stream processing, its applications, challenges, and Alibaba Cloud's Realtime Compute for Apache Flink solution for real-time data analysis.

What is Batch Processing ?

Batch processing is a method of handling data where transactions are collected over a period and processed together as a group, or batch.

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a distributed, open-source, real-time search and analytics engine. It is built on top of Apache Lucene and aims to provide fast, scalable, and high-performance search solutions.

The Benefits of Real-Time Big Data Analytics for Business Insights

This article explains how to take your business insights to the next level and gain a competitive edge with big data analytics.