Alibaba Cloud Makes More LLMs Available to Support Open-Source Community

Alibaba Cloud has made two large language models and a model that understands audio freely available to support the open-source ecosystem.

Alibaba Cloud's New AI Tools Spotted at Apsara 2023

Alibaba Cloud rolled out during Apsara a suite of domain-specific models built upon Tongyi Qianwen. Its digital avatar creation tool and AI text-to-image tool make content creation more efficient.

Alibaba Integrates LLM Tongyi Qianwen into Taobao to Refine E-commerce Searches For Users

Alibaba Group integrated a generative-AI powered personal assistant across the consumer-to-consumer marketplace Taobao.

Watch How Alibaba Cloud’s Tongyi Wanxiang Creates Images

In this article, we will take a look at how Alibaba Cloud’s generative AI model Tongyi Wanxiang creates images.

Alibaba Cloud Unveils New AI Model to Support Enterprises’ Intelligence Transformation

Price-competitive core cloud products with free trial and training to make computing more inclusive for enterprises and developers to thrive in the new AI era.