Der Beginn der KI-Revolution – eine Reise mit RAG und LangChain

Dieser Artikel führt die Leser durch eine erkenntnisreiche Erforschung der umwälzenden KI-Revolution und befasst sich mit den revolutionären Konzepten...

การใช้ AI เพื่อนแชทของคุณเอง - การปรับใช้โมเดล Qwen Chat ด้วย HuggingFace Guide

บทความนี้เจาะลึกเส้นทางการเปลี่ยนแปลงของ Generative AI และ LLM (โมเดลภาษาขนาดใหญ่)

Practices for Distributed Elasticity Training in the ACK Cloud-native AI Suite

This article introduces the practices and architectures for distributed elastic training of Alibaba Cloud ACK cloud-native AI suite to enhance the eff...

Accelerating Large Language Model Inference: High-performance TensorRT-LLM Inference Practices

This article introduces how TensorRT-LLM improves the efficiency of large language model inference by using quantization, in-flight batching, attention, and graph rewriting.

Igniting the AI Revolution - A Journey with Qwen, RAG, and LangChain

This article takes readers on an insightful exploration of the transformative AI Revolution journey, delving into the revolutionary concepts of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and LangChain.


本記事では読者を洞察に満ちたAI革命の変革旅行に案内し、Retrieval-Augmented Generation(RAG)とLangChainの革命的な概念について深掘りします。

自分だけのAIチャットバディをデプロイ - HuggingFaceガイドを使用したQwenチャットモデルデプロイメント


Die Bereitstellung des QWEN-Chat-Modells mit HuggingFace-Handbuch

Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit der transformativen Reise der Generativen KI und LLM (Großes Sprachmodell).

GenAI Model Optimization: Guide to Fine-Tuning and Quantization

This article describes fine-tuning and quantizing a pre-trained language model.

Alibaba Group's Practice of Accelerating Large Model Training Based on Fluid

This article discusses the significant role of Fluid with JindoCache in the large-scale model training within Alibaba Group.

Deploy Your Own AI Chat Buddy - The Qwen Chat Model Deployment with Hugging Face Guide

This article delves into the transformative journey of Generative AI and LLM (Large Language Model).

Solutions to Engineering Challenges of Generative AI Model Services in Cloud-native Scenarios

This article introduces the engineering challenges of generative AI model services in cloud-native scenarios and the optimization of Fluid in cloud-native generative AI model inference contexts.

Lightblue Releases Japanese-Language LLMs based on Qwen-14B for Commercial Use

Lightblue has released the most performant 14-billion parameter Japanese LLMs, suitable for on-premise commercial use.

Alibaba Cloud Rolls Out Multi-Lingual LLM

Alibaba Cloud rolls out the latest iteration of its Qwen model series, Qwen 1.5.

Model Service Mesh: Model Service Management in Cloud-native Scenario

This article introduces Model Service Mesh, an architectural pattern for deploying and managing scalable machine learning model services in a distributed environment.

Compute NestでLLMを使用してPAI-EASとAnalyticDB for PostgreSQLでRAGサービスを構築する

本記事では、Compute Nestを使用し、PAI-EAS上のLLM、ベクトルストアとしてのAnalyticDB for PostgreSQL、ウェブUIとしてのGradio、オーケストレーションとしてのLangchainを使用してRAGサービスを作成する方法について説明します。

Quickly Building a RAG Service on Compute Nest with LLM on PAI-EAS and AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

This article describes how to create a RAG service using Compute Nest with LLMs on PAI-EAS, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL as the vector store, Gradio for ...

Alibaba’s Top 10 Highlights of 2023

Review 2023's highlights from around Alibaba Group's ecosystem, spanning AI, retail innovation, logistics and more!

Alibaba's DAMO Academy Unveils LLMs Designed For Southeast Asia

DAMO Academy unveiled on Monday two large language models designed to reflect Southeast Asia's diverse linguistic and cultural landscape.

Alibaba Cloud Makes More LLMs Available to Support Open-Source Community

Alibaba Cloud has made two large language models and a model that understands audio freely available to support the open-source ecosystem.