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What Is Cloud Database

Cloud Database refers to a database that is optimized or deployed in a virtual computing environment.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 8: Introducing AI for Better Workflow

Part 8 of this 8-part series discusses AI and how it adds to the overall value of your organization’s steps towards digital transformation.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 7: Building a Smarter Supply Chain

Part 7 of this 8-part series explains how Buttercup Spices enabled a smarter supply chain using Alibaba Cloud and how they can overcome challenges and bridge gaps between production and delivery.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 6: Resource Planning and Networking

Part 6 of this 8-part series discusses resource planning and networking scenarios to facilitate Buttercup Spices' digital transformation journey.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 5: Application Migration

Part 5 of this 8-part series discusses Buttercup Spices and their application migration steps using Alibaba Cloud.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 4: The Strategy

Part 4 of this 8-part series continues exploring the digital transformation strategy of Buttercup Spices.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 3: An Introduction to Buttercup Spices

Part 3 of this 8-part series introduces Buttercup Spices and discusses some of its current business practices.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 2: Challenges and Focus Areas

Part 2 of this 8-part series discusses the first set of challenges business owners face while strategizing digital transformation for their enterprises and the focus points for a strong strategy.

Seeding Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Part 1: What Is Digital Transformation?

Part 1 of this 8-part series defines digital and business transformation in Southeast Asian countries.

Alibaba Cloud Is the Only Cloud Vendor in China Selected for the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Alibaba Cloud was selected in Gartner's latest report, a strong testament to our product capability and strategic vision for Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

Flask vs Django vs Pyramid: How to Choose the 3 Top Python Frameworks

In this post, we will evaluate the three top Python frameworks and their suitability for use in your ECS instance.

What Is Cloudmonitor Used For

CloudMonitor is a service that monitors Alibaba Cloud resources and Internet applications.

Redefining Tech with Machine Learning and AI – Part 2

Part 2 of this 2-part article introduces the Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI).

Redefining Tech with Machine Learning and AI – Part 1

Part 1 of this 2-part article discusses how the PAI Platform can provide rich data-centric solutions to help with your digital transformation journey.

What is Application Load Balancer

The newly released Application Load Balancer (ALB) service is based on Alibaba Cloud Apsara Network 2.0 and supports up to 1,000,000 QPS.

Auto Scaling Overview

Auto Scaling automatically adjusts computing resources based on your business cycle.

A New Milestone for Alibaba Cloud's Container and Serverless Services

In this blog, we'll discuss Gartner's recent analysis of the public cloud container service market, and share our latest updates in container and serverless services.

PyFlink: Architecture and Applicable Business Scenarios

This article analyzes PyFlink in-depth and its applicable business scenarios, also introduces the new major features of Flink 1.11.0.

What Is Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the latest manifestation of information security in the network age.

Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management: A Step Beyond or a Step Back? | Digital Transformation

This article will discuss the implications of HDIM and how it affects enterprises.

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Also I wonder if you've considered precompiling dependencies that do not change between builds (Spring, Tomcat etc) into a library that'd link with the main app? Is that feasible?Thanks for the article!

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This install Docker and Docket NodeJS image. It's not standalone NodeJS. It's not just NodeJS itself.

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Very good 3-part series, thanks a million!

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