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MyBatis with a More Fluent Experience

The article introduces the Batis series and discusses the benefits of Fluent MyBatis.

Alibaba Cloud Sustainability Report 2021

We've just launched our very first sustainability report! Read on to discover how we are leveraging technology to tackle some of the most pressing issues in our society.

Comparing CNI Models in Container Service for Kubernetes — Alibaba Cloud Series Part 1

In this article by our guest author, we will discuss the different CNI models in an Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes (ACK) cluster.

[Infographic] 5 Steps to Accelerate Your Digitalization in Asia

Check out how Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive solutions can help you accelerate your business success in Asia!

Attackers Use the Vulnerability of ShowDoc to Spread Botnets

In this blog post, we discuss the recent wave of cyber-attacks exploiting the vulnerability of ShowDoc to spread botnets and mining software.

Powerful: MyBatis and Three Streaming Query Methods

This article gives background information about MyBatis and explains three streaming query methods.

What is the Difference between Spring Boot and Spring?

This article compares and contrasts Spring and Spring Boot.

What are the Differences and Functions of the Redo Log, Undo Log, and Binlog in MySQL?

This article gives a rough summary of the characteristics and roles of the three types of logs to help you understand MySQL and the principles behind them.

On the In-Depth Cluster Scheduling and Management

This article explains Cluster Scheduling and the main ideas and basic principles of data center architecture design.

Alibaba Technological Practices: Experiences in Cloud Resource Scheduling

This article explains the importance of Resource Scheduling through various scenarios.

8 Things Customers Expect When Interacting with Brands Digitally

In this blog, we'll explore the key factors that influence customer experience and discuss how brands can to stay ahead of the competition through digital transformation.

An Overview of Alibaba Cloud's Cutting-Edge Live Broadcast Technology

In this blog, we'll explore some of the interesting features of Alibaba Cloud's live broadcast technology and share its application scenarios.

Automatic Configuration and Orchestration of IaC

Based on IaC, this article will share how to use automated orchestration tools to implement automated deployment and improve the efficiency of cloud O&M.

4 Trends in Cloud Computing Based on the 7 Generations of ECS

This article introduces the seventh generation of Alibaba Cloud ECS products.

Analysis of JDWPMiner Mining Trojan: Remote Debugging with Java Causes Hidden Risks

This article analyzes the JDWPMiner mining trojan, a recent, malicious cyber security exploit, and shares several security recommendations to help protect against this threat.

Real-Time Image Processing by Object Storage Service

In this blog, we will explore the image processing feature of OSS, which helps organizations reduce costs and process images in real time.

Can Cloud Computing Enhance Data Security for the Financial Industry?

In this blog, guest author Nikhil shares his thoughts on the importance of data security for the financial industry and discusses how cloud computing can help.

Olympic Broadcasting Services Hosted in the Cloud for the First Time

OBS leverages Alibaba's cloud technologies for Olympic broadcasting services delivery at Tokyo 2020, offering key services accessible from anywhere.

Alibaba Uses Cloud Technology to Reduce Heatstroke Risk during Tokyo 2020

Alibaba Group announced a new cloud-based solution to help Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 onsite staff reduce the risk of getting heatstroke during the summer in Tokyo.

Alibaba Provides Cloud Pin at the Olympic Games for Media Professionals at Tokyo 2020

Alibaba Group has unveiled the Alibaba Cloud Pin, a cloud-based digital pin, for the broadcasting and media professionals at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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Thank you so much for author's sharing. I understood there are always updates by time chaning. As updates of Author's, following links helped me to success at the time I am writing. I hope these would help others as well. I found my verson of Ubuntu Focal at: https://docs.pritunl.com/docs/repoerror installing mongodb in ubuntu 20.04 at: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1412944/error-installing-mongodb-in-ubuntu-20-04 Also please don't forget add Security Group Rule on Instance to allow 443 for pritunl setup page, 10318 for VPN Server.

5075163157658381 Commented on Data Backup and Migration to OSS using OSSImport

How can I configure the ossimport tool to exclude some folder from the import?We must migrate data from one bucket to another in OSS, all data except one folder.

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I just tested it again and again, I am able to point CND to S3, and enable the bucket to be public, also, I can visit objects via my own domain, but I cannot deny access visitings via S3 object URLs, can you please test and give an exact guideline about this requirement? Thank you for sharing

5082756785016080 Commented on How Do I Deploy My Static Website

If you need to ass a [static website form](https://fabform.io) to the site you can use https://fabform.io

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d. Select the region you have setup domain and type in the domain name and password, then "Submit Request"I am stuck on this point which password do I need in the password filed after region and domain select please reply to anyone. thank you miansaqlain237@gmail.com