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How Press Conference on the Cloud Extends Your Global Reach Virtually

Press Conference on the Cloud allows sporting organizers to seamlessly manage and broadcast press conferences in the virtual world.

How Fan Video Hub Solution Cheers on Athletes

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud's Fan Video Hub, a solution that lets you enjoy all the action of a sporting event without physically attending it.

How Digital Badges Provide a Sporting Advantage

In this post, we will introduce our Digital Badge system for world-class sporting events and compare it with traditional paper-based tickets.

Events Simulation Service: How to Digitally Transform Your Venue

In this article, we look at how ESS can be used to simulate major events venues, including facility planning and the logistics of broadcasting.

What is Recommender System Based on Machine Learning? How to Build One?

A recommender system is an information filtering system used to predict the user's "rating" or "preference" for items.

What is Serverless Computing? Challenges, Architecture and Applications

Serverless computing, also known as function as a service, is a model of cloud computing. Based on platform as a service, serverless computing provides a micro architecture.

Cloud Solutions for Applying in New Retail Industry

Cloud solutions for new retail combine cloud computing and big data capabilities to help new retail companies quickly build hybrid cloud platforms, and transform into digitalization quickly.

Best Practice for Creating and Managing User Access Permissions

User access management is used by system administrators to control user access to network resources, and is implemented by granting users and groups access to specific objects.

What is Flutter for Web? Analysis, Practice, Development

What is Flutter? Flutter is a mobile app SDK, one code can generate two high-performance, high-fidelity applications for iOS and Android at the same time.

Key Metrics to Track in DevOps (Part 2)

In this article, we'll discuss which metrics are the most important for you to follow based on your DevOps practice.

Key Metrics to Track in DevOps (Part 1)

In this article, we'll discuss which metrics are the most important for you to follow based on your DevOps practice.

Defect Escape Rate: Why Is It Important?

This article describes the concept and importance of defect escape rate and suggests several steps to improve it.

A Continuous Journey of Digital Transformation Alibaba Cloud and Its Global Customers at Apsara 2020

At the 12th Apsara Conference: Leap into the Future of Digital Intelligence, customers from various sectors, share their growth and success stories achieved together with Alibaba Cloud.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Projects

This blog talks about some of the newest cloud native computing foundation (CNCF) Projects including CNCF Sandbox and CNCF Incubation.

Alibaba Cloud Supports Genting Malaysia Berhad's Outdoor Theme Park Digitalisation

Resorts World Genting to deploy Advanced Virtual Queue Solution powered by Alibaba Cloud to enhance customer experience at Genting SkyWorlds outdoor theme park.

Alibaba Cloud Digitalizes Sports Events with More AI Solutions

Cloud technologies revolutionize sports entertainment bringing new experiences to fans, organizers and broadcasters.

Recommendation System: Matching Algorithms and Architecture

In this article, Alibaba technical expert Aohai introduces the matching module in a recommender system and discusses the architecture.

Recommender System: Online Service Orchestration and Architecture

In this article, Alibaba technical expert Aohai introduces the online service orchestration and architecture for a recommender system.

Recommender System: Ranking Algorithms and Training Architectures

In this article, Alibaba technical expert Aohai introduces the ranking algorithms and training architectures of a recommender system, specifically.

Basic Concepts and Architecture of a Recommender System

In this article, Alibaba technical expert Aohai introduces the basic concepts and architecture of an enterprise-level recommender system.

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