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marcmercier Commented on

Getting Started with Botpress on Alibaba Cloud

This tutorial shows how you can get started with Botpress on Alibaba Cloud and quickly create a bot from existing Botpress templates.

Hi Alex, I just posted your tutorial here: https://forum.botpress.com/t/tutorials-resources-by-the-community/3026. Can you share your username on the Botpress Forum so I can tag you in the post? Thanks, Marc

marcmercier Commented on

A Crash Course on the Botpress Architecture

This post is meant to be a guide on the Botpress architecture, covering everything from its file structure to intents, entities, content, skills and modules.

Hi Alex, thanks for doing this crash course on Botpress. I am gonna share this on the Botpress Forum (forum.botpress.com) If you have any question about the platform, please reach out to me at marc.mercier@botpress.com. Cheers
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