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Learning about Defect Detection in Code Intelligence

This article discusses checking bugs with code defect detection.

How Do Frontend Developers Learn Functional Programming?

This article explains ways to learn functional programming through a list of tips and tricks.

Learning about Intelligent Code Completion

This article explains the history and current situation of code completion.

Pipcook 2.0 Implements the Training and Deployment of the Machine Learning Model in 20 Seconds!

This article explores how to use Pipcook 2.0 to train, deploy, and publish a model.

Straight Talk about "Dynamic Planning"

This article explains dynamic planning, its concepts, and its processes.

How Come Design and Production Mode Is So Out of Date

This article discusses how to use Design Tokens to make design more efficiently.

The Way to Train a Form Recognition Model on the Frontend Quickly

This article uses Pipcook to train a form recognition model and uses this model to improve the efficiency of form development.

New CSS Features You May Not Know in 2021 – Part 2

Part 2 of this 2-part article discusses many CSS features that can be used now or soon.

New CSS Features You May Not Know in 2021 – Part 1

Part 1 of this 2-part article discusses many CSS features that can be used now or soon.

Details on Flexbox Layout

This article talks about the popular Flexbox web layout model and includes information about Flexbox layout, CSS writing, logical properties, and element justification.

A Closer Look at React Fiber

This article explains why Fiber was introduced in React, the design ideas of Fiber, and how it is implemented step by step.

Intelligent Design: Detailed Interpretation of the Color System

This article analyzes the ways humans and machines perceive color and how to incorporate that knowledge into more intelligent design.

Status Quo and Future Outlook of Frontend Intelligence Development

This article summarizes frontend intelligence with imgcook and shares ideas about future development.

Imgcook: Intelligent Code Generation from Design Drafts with a 100% Accuracy Rate

This article explains imgcook and various plug-ins to help with intelligent code generation.

Building Accessible Apps for the Visually Impaired with Imgcook

The article shows how imgcook can help simplify the development process of apps for the visually impaired and improve the user experience.

The Interpretation of iMove, the Process Visualization Tool

This article introduces the open-source project iMove, including its features and implementation principles.

Dumbo – Intelligent Dva Module Generation

This article introduces the Alibaba Cloud Traffic Product Frontend Team's overall idea of D2C and the general solutions.

Practices of Intelligent Frontend in Alibaba Cloud's Big Data R&D Platforms

This article focuses on some practices of C2C solutions in Alibaba Cloud's Apsara Big Data Platform.

Low-Code/No-Code: From the Perspective of Frontend Intelligence

This article explains the similarities and differences between Low-Code and No-Code development and their benefits.

How Do You Use Deep Learning to Identify UI Components?

This blog discusses the usage of deep learning for recognizing UI components and introduces a correct method of using machine learning to solve various problems.

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