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How Enterprises Can Use the Cloud Efficiently | O&M System Construction under Cloud Architecture

This article explains methods to use the cloud effectively and five directions for cost optimization on the cloud.

From Atomic Operation to Template-based Deployment: New Modes of Automatic Cloud Resource Deployment

This article introduces new modes of automatic cloud resource deployment based on Resource Orchestration Service (ROS), Terraform hosting, and ROS CDK.

EasySDK — A Powerful Recommendation Tool for ECS Inventory Resources

In this article, the author explains how to use EasySDK to choose ECS instances in Alibaba Cloud based on various requirements.

How Cloud Computing Has Revolutionized O&M?

In this article, the author discusses how cloud computing has changed the traditional approach to operation and maintenance (O&M).

The Evolution of Cloud Computing

In this blog, Jack Cai, Chief Architect of the ECS product line, talks about the evolution of cloud computing for enterprises focusing on hybrid and distributed cloud.

Achieving Unmanned O&M with On-Cloud Servers

In this blog, we will explore how Alibaba Cloud's ECS team achieved unmanned operations of on-cloud servers by using AI to empower automated O&M.

Alibaba Cloud Awarded HPC China 2020 "Best Industry Application Award"

Alibaba Cloud won the "Best Industry Application Award in HPC" at the HPC CHINA 2020 Conference for its contribution in the transportation and medical industries.

Alibaba Cloud Savings Plans: More Flexible than Subscription and More Cost-Effective than Pay-as-you-go

Alibaba Cloud Savings Plans is our latest billing method that provides you with the flexibility of Pay-as-you-go billing, while maintaining the cost efficiency of subscription billing.

Alibaba Cloud Savings Plans: Cost Optimization Provided by Cloud-Native

In this article, we will introduce the newly launched savings plans by Alibaba Cloud and discuss how you can take full advantage of this plan.

Alibaba Cloud Helps Us Picture the Cloud Computing Future Over the Next Decade

Listen to predictions about the cloud computing industry and how it will develop over the next decade.

Alibaba Sets New Record on Inference Performance, 5x Faster than Nearest Rival

This blog reveals the core technologies behind Alibaba's 4 world championships and 5x faster inference performance than its nearest rival.

Alibaba Cloud AI Tops DAWN Deep Learning Benchmark (DAWNBench)

Alibaba Cloud AI computing services has recently set new records at the DAWNBench benchmark, ranking first in four categories.

Is It Possible to Deploy a Private Cloud in a Public Cloud?

This article introduces the Dedicated Host (DDH) product and describes how you can deploy a private cloud-like environment in a public cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS: Higher Performance with Greater Protection

Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 LTS has arrived! Learn how this new product helps provide higher performance and greater protection for your cloud computing resources.

Introducing the Sixth Generation of Alibaba Cloud's Elastic Compute Service

In this article, you'll learn about some of the new features, technologies and advantages of the newest generation of Alibaba Cloud's Elastic Compute Service.

How to Use Alibaba Cloud Reserved Instances to Reduce Costs

Alibaba Cloud has just launched the Reserved Instances (RIs) purchasing option for ECS, providing customers with a cost-effective option with higher flexibility.

Alibaba Cloud Releases Major Paper at ASPLOS'19

Alibaba Cloud released a major paper at ASPLOS'19 for the first time, revealing the live upgrade technology that helps ECS to rapidly iterate.

Testing I/O Performance with Sysbench

This article introduces how Sysbench can be used for I/O performance testing.

Understanding Memory Performance

This article briefly discusses the concepts of measuring memory performance of servers.

7 Factors that Influence UnixBench Scores

This article discusses the factors that influence UnixBench scores and how they cause the scores to vary between scenarios.

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5504888855763854 Commented on How to Use Alibaba Cloud Reserved Instances to Reduce Costs

can we convert existing running instance into RI

5761785765702174 Commented on Deep Dive into Alibaba Cloud F3 FPGA as a Service Instances

what about price / costs for fpga / network / storage?any hidden fees? any limitation on network throughput?

5312195358092749 Commented on Testing I/O Performance with Sysbench

Hi, I am confused. Shouldn't you use File operations number to run the calculation for IOPS? Looks like you are using throughput (34.12 22.75) * 1024/16.384? also what is the 16.384 here?

Raja_KT Commented on Simulation Cloud with E-HPC for the Manufacturing Industry

Interesting integration and many industries will resort to employing these techniques.