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18+ years of IT experience in US,UK, Sweden, Malaysia, India- out of which :6+ years on Big data, Hadoop, Hive, Spark streaming, HBase, Kafka, Flume, NiFi...(CCA175 Hadoop, Spark Certified, Oracle, Teradata certified) and many other tools, AWS,GCP....

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Optimizing Time Series Querying on Alibaba Cloud RDS for PostgreSQL

We'll show you how to optimize the performance of time series data querying from seven seconds to seven milliseconds with Alibaba Cloud RDS for PostgreSQL.

Good one. But this is specific to these specific scenarios. Will it be the same for RDS MySQL, MSSQL.....?

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Alibaba Cloud Now Supports Data at Rest Encryption with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

Alibaba Cloud Key Management Service now supports "Bring Your Own Key" (BYOK) and customer managed keys for ECS Cloud Disks, OSS, and RDS instances.

Very good move for many reasons , answers to questions like trust, security etc re answered.

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How to Use XtraBackup for Backup and Restoration

In this article, you will get some information on the principles of MySQL database backup and restoration.

Good one . But if you can refer in the context of using Apasara RDS, thrwing more light?

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Switching Over to the Cloud Without Stress

In this article, we will explain how you easily can future proof your web hosting infrastructure by migrating to the cloud.

I completed my migration to Alibaba Cloud by myself. It is an interesting journey. I document the steps and details from the previous vendor. I also make sure that I have enough time to back up and back down in case it does not work. Some hiccups here and there. But finally I resolved it. It can serve as a reference point for others.

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Generation and Handling of Metadata Locks on RDS for MySQL Tables

MySQL uses metadata locking to manage concurrent access to database objects and to ensure data consistency.

Good for reference especially when we run many Hive applications .....

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Bring Your E-Commerce into the Era of Cloud

Discover how you can stay ahead of the competition by leveraging public cloud services to support your business in digital transformation.

OpenCart looks enticing. Would love to venture out but no cash :)

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SQL Server Best Practices: Monitoring Backup and Restore Progress

In this article of the SQL Server best practices series, we will learn how to monitor the progress of SQL Server Backup & Restore to minimize faults and errors.

MS SQL products are easy , most of the time as they have GUI , IDE... and just follow the steps :)

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Is Your Enterprise Well-Prepared for AI?

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI is a machine learning algorithm platform based on Alibaba Cloud's distributed computing engine.

Nice elaboration of use-cases. I think without ML,DL, AI modern industries will be handicapped.

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Smart cities are just around the corner

The Internet of Things (IoT), empowered by cloud computing, is evolving at a rapid rate in preparation for a mass roll out to the global consumer market.

Smart city solutions are like mandatory now especially densely populated cities. Big data, IoT, IoV, Cloud computing, ET city, LoraWAN, ZigBee solutions.....just to name a few are making inroad , fast and furious.

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Alibaba Cloud Partners with National University of Singapore to Support Smart Nation Initiative

Alibaba Cloud launched an innovation incubator program with National University of Singapore (NUS) at the Alibaba Cloud Summit – Infinity 2018, aimed at nurturing data science talents in Singapore.

Singapore's Smart Nation initiative - Singapore is always ahead . I think many products of Alibaba Cloud will be used there.

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Grow Your Network to Grow Your Business

In our e-book "Start-Up to Scale Up", we follow the journey of a fictional startup, tracking how its network evolves and begins to work on an international scale.

My opinion of white paper is okay. But people these days are looking for "TL;DR". Opening a white paper may even be extra steps, unless request specifically. My opinion.

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Making E-Commerce Promotions More Effective - A Guide for SMEs

To stand out in the competitive e-commerce space, SMEs need to embrace a range of novel solutions to capture the attention of online consumers for key shopping events.

I think once an SME has a good hang of all Alibaba Cloud products, it is just like mapping business to technology.

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Boost Your E-Commerce Business in China Using Global Acceleration

Learn how you can use Alibaba Cloud's Global Acceleration to improve the shopping experience on your e-commerce website for users in China.

Interestingone..."If the origin server (where the service is hosted) is not an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance or SLB, you need to use a reverse proxy to route the traffic to Alibaba Cloud resources (SLB or ECS) " .

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Easy guide to install SonarQube on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we will be installing and configuring SonarQube on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance with Ubuntu 16.04.

There was a proposal for use of SonarCube in one GDPR project. I am not sure how much value additions it can be . It can be an overhead to project.

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Image Recognition Using Edge Detection

Image recognition is a popular technology that can detect, understand, and distinguish images from one another.

Today I read about Mars for Scientific computing and it is really interesting. We programmed 2 dimensional matrix multiplication on C language and found ok. But for 3d matrices :)

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A Beginner's Guide to Kubernetes

This article provides a brief overview of Kubernetes and its various components.

Nice one. It will be great if you can share with diagrams :)

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Application Traffic Replication through a Kubernetes Ingress Controller

This document introduces how to replicate application traffic between different Kubernetes clusters of Container Service.

Nice one. We can copy and paste and make necessary changes.

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Launching a Word-to-PDF Cloud Service on Function Compute

This article explains how to quickly deploy a Word-to-PDF cloud service with LibreOffice and Function Compute, based on the fc-libreoffice project.

Nice sharing . There is also...."https://www.alibabacloud.com/blog/building-a-serverless-pdf-text-recognition-using-function-compute-with-node-js-in-10-minutes_594429?spm=a2c5q.11423531.0.0.613933d94AWWLy""Building a Serverless PDF Text Recognition Using Function Compute with Node.js in 10 Minutes"

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6 Pain Points of Traditional Internet of Vehicles Architecture: IoV Series (I)

In this article series, we look at some of the best practices for migrating an Internet of Vehicles (IoV) system to the cloud.

Nice enumeration of pain points and it needs Cloud and Fog computing....as per what I see.

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5 Foundation Tools for Digital Transformation Revealed

Discover 5 key Alibaba Cloud products that can help power your business' digital transformation by providing you with cost-effective scalability on the cloud.

Good . But I am surprised why Analytics, Big data, IoT, IoV, ET etc are not foundation...
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