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Excel at Java AI Application Development within 5 Minutes

This article describes how to develop a Java AI application in 5 minutes using Spring AI and Alibaba Cloud's Tongyi series of large models.

OpenKruise v1.6: Enhanced Multi-domain Management Capability

This article provides an overview of the core features of the OpenKruise v1.6.

Zero-Trust Security Practice of Nacos

This article introduces how to ensure Nacos data security based on the concept of zero-trust security, covering common security risks, Nacos runtime p.

SLS New Query Paradigm: Interactive Exploration of Logs Using SPL

The article explains the challenges of log data and how SPL (SLS Processing Language) addresses these challenges by providing a unified syntax for log processing.

Serverless Cost Optimization: Knative Supports Preemptible Instances

This article describes how to use preemptible instances in Knative.

Access Redis by Using Higress Based on Custom Plug-ins

This article introduces Higress and describes how Redis plugins can be utilized for implementing sophisticated features such as rate limiting, caching, and session management.

Better Performance and Cost-effectiveness: Migrating the Self-built ELK to SLS

The article outlines the basic capabilities of SLS and compares them with the self-built open-source ELK, highlighting the significant advantages of SLS over open-source ELK.

Non-intrusive Observability Exploration with GraalVM Static Compilation

This article introduces a static instrumentation approach for Java Agent, focusing on the concept of static instrumentation.

Application Monitoring eBPF Edition: Non-intrusive Application Monitoring of the Golang Microservice

This article introduces the importance of monitoring microservices in modern software architecture, and highlights the eBPF edition of application monitoring.

Higress's New WASM Runtime Greatly Improves Performance

This article introduces the latest progress of Higress in switching the runtime of Wasm plug-in from V8 to WAMR.

Decipher the Knative's Open-Source Serverless Framework: Traffic Perspective

This article describes Knative's traffic management, traffic access, traffic-based elasticity, and monitoring.

Accelerating Large Language Model Inference: High-performance TensorRT-LLM Inference Practices

This article introduces how TensorRT-LLM improves the efficiency of large language model inference by using quantization, in-flight batching, attention, and graph rewriting.

Writing Flink SQL for Weakly Structured Logs: Leveraging SLS SPL

This article describes how to use SLS SPL (Structured Programming Language) to configure the SLS Connector to structure data.

Hello, iLogtail 2.0!

The article discusses the limitations of the existing iLogtail architecture and collection configuration and introduces the new features in iLogtail 2.

Alibaba Group's Practice of Accelerating Large Model Training Based on Fluid

This article discusses the significant role of Fluid with JindoCache in the large-scale model training within Alibaba Group.

Use the aggregator_context Plug-in to Enable Contextual Query and LiveTail

This article introduces how to use the aggregator_context plug-in to maintain the context of logs and how to query the context in the console.

Application of Kubernetes Operators in Log Collectors

This article investigates the application scenarios and architectures of Kubernetes operators in various log collectors.

Best Practice for Shard-Memory of GameServers

This article focuses on the shared memory usage of containerized game servers and provide best practices.

Best Practice for Gaming Gateway of Higress × OpenKruiseGame

This article demonstrates how Higress seamlessly interfaces with OKG Gaming Services, and the outstanding features it brings to the table.

Evolution of Nacos in the Cloud-native Architecture

The article describes the evolution of Nacos and introduces Nacos Controller project as a bridge between Nacos and Kubernetes.

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5885210357136728 Commented on Explaining Memory Issues in Java Cloud-Native Practices

Incredibly useful article but without understanding underlying OS process memory management, it could be hard to follow.

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As a website developer myself, I found Øystein Grøvlen's journey fascinating. His transition from a Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba to working on the MySQL Optimizer

Dikky Ryan Pratama Commented on Koordinator V1.2.0 Supports Node Resource Reservation and Is Compatible with the Rescheduling Policy


Tran Phuc Hau Commented on A Retrospection of KubeVela in 2022

I got this error when runningvela port-forward -n vela-system addon-velaux 9082:80? There are 2 services match your filter conditions. Please choose one:Cluster | Component | Service local | velaux | velauxtrying to connect the remote endpoint svc/velaux 9082:80 ..Forwarding from -> 80Forwarding from [::1]:9082 -> 80Forward successfully! Opening browser ...Failed to open browser: exec: "xdg-open": executable file not found in $PATH