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Make Data Stream Move: An Analysis of RocketMQ Connect Architecture

This article explains the concept, principles, and usage scenarios of RocketMQ Connect and how to write a Connector.

RocketMQ 5.0 in the Big Data Ecosystem

This article discusses RocketMQ 5.0, including its features, architecture, and data stream construction.

The Practice of Apache ShenYu Integrating with RocketMQ to Collect Massive Logs in Real-Time

This article discusses the architecture and traffic governance of Apache ShenYu and how it works with RocketMQ.

A Review of KubeVela from Launch to Promotion to the CNCF Incubation

This article offers a complete review to sort out the traps in the evolution of the project, aiming to help the development of the entire open-source ecosystem.

An In-Depth Interpretation of the RocketMQ Storage Mechanism

This article focuses on which complex problems this storage implementation solves from different perspectives.

From VLAN to IPVLAN: Virtual Network Device and Its Application in Cloud-Native

This article discusses the implementation of the kernel (as it relates to VLAN and IPVLAN).

AOP Principle and Application of IOC-golang

This article explains the relationship between AOP and IOC.

KubeVela: The Golden Path towards Application Delivery Standards

This article discusses KubeVela's origins and how KubeVela is leading a charge toward application delivery standards.

When Knative Meets WebAssembly

This article introduces the WAGI project and explains how it can combine WASM and WASI applications with Serverless frameworks.

Learning More about Container Network Communication

This article explains the container network and offers a detailed analysis of the pod data link for Hybridnet VXLAN, Hybridnet VLAN, Hybridnet BGP, Calico IPIP, Calico BGP, and Bifrost transformed.

Dubbo-go Service Proxy Model

This article introduces the Dubbo-go service proxy model, the HSF-go generic call model, and the practice of HSF-go in Dapr scenarios.

The ZEEKR App System's Cloud-Native Architecture Transformation Practice

This article introduces ZEEKR and explains how the company uses cloud-native architecture.

KubeVela Brings Software Delivery Control Plane Capabilities to CNCF Incubator

In this article, we will learn about the story behind KubeVela and how it was voted to become a CNCF incubating project.

Observability | A Recapture of Time Series Data Downsampling in Prometheus

This article discusses the Alibaba Cloud Observability Suite (ACOS) and background on Prometheus and downsampling.

Java Agent Exploration – appendToSystemClassLoaderSearch Problems

This article describes the exploration of strange error reporting in Java Agent, including Java Agent error reporting, JVM principle, glibc thread safety, and pthread tls.

How Do We Implement Full-Process Grayscale Capability on the Database?

This article introduces full-process grayscale capability and explains common solutions for full-process grayscale capability on databases with specific examples.

Kubecost is Integrated with Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

In this short article, we will introduce the collaboration between Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and Kubecost.

Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ: Ordered Messages

This article describes the working mechanism, use cases, and best practices of the ordered messages feature in Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ.

Implementation Practices of Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ 5.0

This article introduces the evolution of Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ 5.0 from the perspectives of large scalability, ease of use, observability, and SLA-based stability.

Cloud-Native Observability Suite: Building Ubiquitous Observability Infrastructure

This article explains how observability makes cloud computing easier to use and more efficient while maximizing business stability, security, and economic value.

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A good sharing on microservices and open source!

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Does it support multiple producer x multiple consumer (with different group/topic) ?

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Usage patterns can give insights of infra, applications.....But not sure how far it can extend to be real recommendations.