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Unified Application Management Architecture with OAM

Li Xiang and Zhang Lei, two technical experts, discuss what OAM is and how it's being used to upgrade of Alibaba's standardized and unified application management architecture.

Nine Tips for Kubernetes Log Output

Zhang Cheng, a technical expert, discusses log systems and how to build a log monitoring system in kubernetes with simple shortcuts.

How Kubernetes SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba Works

This blog highlights the key takeaways from the online presentation Tang Zhimin and Xie Yaoyao gave about SIG Cloud Providers.

Design and Practices of Kubernetes Log Systems

Zhang Cheng, a technical expert, explains how to build a flexible, powerful, reliable, and scalable log system in Cloud Native scenarios.

Best Practices of Kubernetes Log Collection

Zhang Cheng, a storage service technical expert, talks about log collection and the purpose of log output.

An "Irresponsible" Beginner's Guide to Kubernetes

Deng Qingling, a technical expert, gives his thoughts on Serverless Kubernetes and the emergence and operations from a business development perspective.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Understanding Kubernetes RuntimeClass and Using Multiple Container Runtimes

Jiazhou, a senior engineer at Alibaba, discusses the evolution of RuntimeClass and explains how to use RuntimeClass to run multiple containers with Kubernetes.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Secure Container Technology from the Founder of Kata Containers

Wang Xu, a senior official at Ant Financial, gives an insight into what secure containers are and how they can satisfy security, performance, scheduling, and management requirements.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

Zhijin, an engineer at Alibaba Cloud, discusses the basics of CRI, its importance, and its implementation within Kubernetes.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Access Control: A Security Measure in Kubernetes

Changlv, a technical expert at Alibaba Cloud, explains access control, API, RBAC, and runtime security with Kubernetes.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Kubernetes CNIs and CNI Plug-ins

Xiheng, a senior Alibaba official, discusses CNI what is, how CNI plug-ins work, and network implementation.

Introducing Main Feature of OpenYurt: Local Autonomy

OpenYurt is a newly open-sourced edge computing Kubernetes platform. This article will introduce one of its main features: Local Autonomy.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Kubernetes Network Model

Daonong, a senior official at Alibaba Cloud gives an overview of the origin, evolution, advantages, and disadvantages of a basic Kubernetes network model.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Operator and Operator Framework

Suxing, a senior engineer, discusses Kubebuilder and shows how to extend Kubernetes API through the Operator Framework in three main parts.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | API Programming Paradigm

Chen Xianlu, a senior technical expert, talks about the API programming paradigm known as "CRD", its purpose and requirements within Kubernetes.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Stateful Application Orchestration with StatefulSets

Wang Siyu, a technical expert, discusses the purpose of StatefulSets and how they operate within kubernetes.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Storage Architecture and Plug-ins

Kan Junbao, a senior technical expert, introduces the architecture, principles, and features of volumes in Kubernetes clusters in three main parts.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | GPU Management and Device Plugin Implementation

Che Yang, a senior technical expert, explains common device plugins and how to use GPUs in Docker and Kubernetes.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Scheduling Process and Scheduler Algorithms

Wang Menhai, a technical expert, gives a rundown of the Kubernetes workflow, scheduler capabilities, and algorithms in four parts.

Getting Started with Kubernetes | Scheduling and Resource Management

Yang Tongkai, a senior technical expert, gives insight into Kubernetes cluster architecture and scheduling policies.

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