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From zero to hero, I spent 3 months to conquer the Alibaba Cloud Academy Certifications. The 1st month I got the ACA-Big Data, then the 2nd month ACP-Cloud Computing, in the 3rd month I became Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert (ACE) on Cloud Computing.

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Quick Start the AI Model on the Alibaba Cloud Model Studio

This article compares the ability and performance of Model Studio and the original Qwen model regarding image generator and text-based chatting.

Building a Home Hybrid Cloud on a Budget: Day Two - Preparing the Recipes, Hardware, Software, and Alibaba Cloud Coupon

Part 2 of this 5-part series discusses PepVPN and SpeedFusion devices working flawlessly together to build SD-WAN-enabled networks.

Building a Home Hybrid Cloud on a Budget: Day One - Drawing the Blueprint and Estimating the Scope, Time, and Cost

Part 1 of this 5-part series begins connecting on-premises machines to Alibaba Cloud (via a private tunnel) on budget.

Network Interconnection - Different Methods to Connect to Alibaba Cloud in a Corporate Environment

This short article offers first-hand experience from the author about different methods to connect to Alibaba Cloud in different scenarios.

My Wish List for Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution (ACVS)'s International Offering

This article evocates the expectation of the Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution and its future international offering from an end-user point of view.

SNAT vs. DNAT and Some Tips for the ACP/ACE Cloud Computing Exam

This article explains how to make ECS connect to the Internet with SNAT/DNAT.

Back up from Alibaba Cloud OSS to Your Synology NAS Internally

This article explains how to back up OSS to Synology NAS step-by-step.

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