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From zero to hero, I spent 3 months to conquer the Alibaba Cloud Academy Certifications. The 1st month I got the ACA-Big Data, then the 2nd month ACP-Cloud Computing, in the 3rd month I became Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert (ACE) on Cloud Computing.

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My Wish List for Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution (ACVS)'s International Offering

This article evocates the expectation of the Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution and its future international offering from an end-user point of view.

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How to Use Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service with QNAP

Backing up data on Alibaba Cloud OSS with Hybrid Backup Sync from QNAP can help you secure your data on-premises, as well in offsite locations.

Thank you Wojciech! I got inspiration from you, and I took a step forward. I backup my OSS on Alibaba Express Connect via an internal endpoint. This is my article at https://www.alibabacloud.com/blog/back-up-from-alibaba-cloud-oss-to-your-synology-nas-internally_598906

vincentsiu Posted blog

SNAT vs. DNAT and Some Tips for the ACP/ACE Cloud Computing Exam

This article explains how to make ECS connect to the Internet with SNAT/DNAT.

vincentsiu Posted blog

Back up from Alibaba Cloud OSS to Your Synology NAS Internally

This article explains how to back up OSS to Synology NAS step-by-step.

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