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Kubernetes Volume Basics: emptyDir and PersistentVolume

In this article, we'll talk about Kubernetes Volumes, focusing on emptyDir and PersistentVolume.

Hi narainkrishhBlank lines deleted by post software, this below might be more readable.:::::::: I guess by 10Mi we just say we need a PV with minimum 10Mi storage right? ::::::::Correct:::::::: It will still claim the whole PV right, in this case 100Mi :::::::: No, you claim usage of just 10 Mi. 90 Mi of the PersistentVolume is still available to you and others. You or other people can continue to claim parts of the remaining 90 Mi until it is all claimed.Try it - create several additional pods using 10 - 80 Mi of the PersistentVolume - see that the claims work until the full 100Mi is claimed.
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