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Container Service simplifies establishment of container management clusters and integrates Alibaba Cloud virtualization, storage, network, and security capabilities to create the optimal container running environment on the cloud.

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What Can We Learn from Twitter's Move to Kubernetes

This blog outlines how Twitter's switch from Mesos to Kubernetes once again proves that Kubernetes is the industry-wide standard when it comes to all things containers.

How GitOps Is Solving Customer Pain Points

This blog discusses how GitOps can help to improve overall CICD efficiency when working with Cloud Native and solve the pain points customers have with DevOps.

GPU-Enabled Container Instances for Faster Performance

This blog covers the news about GPU-enabled container instances in ACK Serverless and shows how these instances can make AI-computing tasks run quicker.

Container Security: A Look at Rootless Containers

This blog article discusses Rootless Containers, which was introduced in Docker 19.03, and how this feature further improves the security and manageability of containers.

KubeCon 2019 Series

This article covers the highlights of KubeCon 2019.

How to Use Virtual Node Addon to Improve Cluster Elasticity

This blog post discusses how virtual nodes work to improve cluster elasticity and how you can use Helm to simplify the deployment and management of ack-virtual-node.

How to Use Spark Operator with Kubernetes

This article describes how use Spark Operator to run Spark tasks on Kubernetes and its various advantages compared with the traditional spark-submit.

How Can Kubernetes Be Used for Genetic Analysis?

This article details how Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes can be used for genetic analysis in both research and clinical applications.

Big Data Storage and Spark on Kubernetes

This article discusses big data storage and how Alibaba Cloud container services and Spark on Kubernetes can be used to meet several different storage scenarios.

New Thoughts on Cloud Native: Why Are Containers Everywhere?

This article is based on a speech given by Yi Li, Director of Alibaba Cloud Container Service, at the Cloud Native Industry Conference sponsored by CAICT.

Deploying Kubeflow Pipelines on Alibaba Cloud

In this article, we will create a machine learning system similar to Google by deploying Kubeflow Pipelines on Alibaba Cloud.

Using Logtail to Collect Logs from NAS Mounted on Kubernetes

This article shows you how to use Logtail to collect logs from NAS mounted on Kubernetes through sidecar mode and separate deployment of Logtail.

Kubernetes Application Management: Stateful Services

This article describes how to deploy and maintain a set of highly available MySQL services through the native k8s resource object StatefulSet and the MySQL Operator.

How Does Alibaba Implement CI/CD Based on Kubernetes

This article introduces some tools and steps for Alibaba to build a CI/CD pipeline.

High-Availability Deployment of Pods on Multi-Zone Worker Nodes

This article shows you how to implement a high-availability deployment of Kubernetes Pods using multiple availability zones on Alibaba Cloud.

Best Practices of Log Analysis and Monitoring by Using Kubernetes Ingress

This article shares some of the best practices of using Alibaba Cloud Log Service and Kubernetes Ingress for log analysis and monitoring.

A Brief Analysis on the Implementation of the Kubernetes Scheduler

In this article, we will introduce Kubernetes Scheduler including its general concepts and its implementation details.

Use a Local Disk Through LocalVolume Provisioner in a Kubernetes Cluster

In this article, we'll explore how to use and configure Alibaba Cloud local disks in a Kubernetes system using LocalVolume.

Dynamically Update Routing Configurations through Alibaba Cloud K8S Ingress Controller

In this article, we will show you how to dynamically update routing configurations through Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

How to Use NAS Persistent Volumes Dynamically in a Kubernetes Cluster

In this article, we will introduce a solution for dynamically generating a NAS volume in a Kubernetes cluster on Alibaba Cloud.

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Are there plans / able to share roadmap for the serverless kubernetes service to be deployed to other regions (eg. EU / UK / Asia Pacific)?Thanks

Raja_KT Commented on Using RDMA on Container Service for Kubernetes

Good one. I hope you can demonstrate the data transfer from node1 to node2 , bypassing the kernel.

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