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I'm a passionate technologist who is excited about the opportunities created when small and medium-size businesses embrace the cloud. I've been working in IT for many years and have degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Vision.

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And So It Ends - Friday Blog, Week 67

The last Friday Blog? Yes. But not the end!

How To Make Sure It Doesn't Go Wrong, And What To Do When It Does Anyway - Friday Blog, Week 66

Learn how to make sure you are doing everything you can to avoid failure, while planning for the worst to happen anyway!

Big Data Q&A - Friday Blog, Week 65

Friday Q&A is back! Let's take a look at some of the many very interesting questions I was asked during Alibaba Cloud training sessions this week!

Are Containers And Kubernetes Really Worth It? - Friday Blog, Week 64

Are containers really all that? Does Kubernetes live up to the hype? Let's take a look.

How Should I Run My Containers? - Friday Blog, Week 63

A handy chart for choosing the "right" way to run containers on Alibaba Cloud!

FAQ: Ops and Security - Friday Blog, Week 62

Another week, another Friday Q&A. See what the "hot" questions were in Alibaba Cloud trainings this week...you might learn something!

FAQ: Alibaba Cloud API Gateway - Friday Blog, Week 61

In today's post, we look at some API Gateway questions that come up frequently during Alibaba Cloud training sessions.

Accelerating Websites for Chinese Users - Friday Blog, Week 60

You want to reach Internet users in China...what can you do? In this blog, we look at some options that can work for small businesses who don't yet have a physical presence in China.

Why Cloud? - Friday Blog, Week 59

Learn the "what" and "why" of cloud. This week's post is for the newbies!

A Tangled Web: Advanced Networking on Alibaba Cloud - Friday Blog, Week 58

Learn about the different ways that Alibaba Cloud VPCs can connect to the public Internet, and how you can limit access when needed.

CEN Pricing: Plumbing The Depths - Friday Blog, Week 57

Creating reliable, cross border private networks isn't hard, but understanding the billing sure can be! Join us as we dive into CEN network billing on...

On Failure - Friday Blog, Week 56

This week I talk about something none of us like to think about: failure. Join me as I talk about ways (not) to fail, and what to do when you fail anyway.

What You See Is What You Get: Implementing Image Search - Friday Blog, Week 55

This week, I show you how to go from 0 to working image search engine in 20 minutes! Read on to learn more.

Protecting ECS Instances with Bastionhost - Friday Blog, Week 54

Learn how you can use Bastion Host to secure logon to your ECS instances and keep records of what your ops team is up to.

Easy Image Processing With OSS - Friday Blog, Week 53

Learn how to process images in OSS directly, just by adding URL parameters!

How Hard Is It To Do Cross-Border Networking? - Friday Blog, Week 52

ICP licenses? Cross-border networking? CDNs? Accessing foreign websites? How do you do all this in China? Learn the basics in today's blog post.

Cloud: A Look Into The Future? - Friday Blog, Week 51

Take a look back at where the cloud has been and where it's going next!

New Product Updates, And An Analysis of Alibaba Cloud's Global Expansion - Friday Blog, Week 50

See what's new on Alibaba Cloud this week, and also learn how Alibaba Cloud has expanded since it opened its first public datacenter in 2011!

Fiends, Frauds, and Fakes: Better eKYC With ZOLOZ - Friday Blog, Week 49

See how you can detect attempts at fraud using ZOLOZ, a pre-built, accurate Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solution for mobile phones.

A Better Way To Do DevOps On Alibaba Cloud - Friday Blog Week 48

Learn how to build a working CI/CD pipeline on Alibaba Cloud using "DevOps Flow", Alibaba Cloud's new CI/CD tool.

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Hello. I saw you mentioned about "chaining" of functions in Function Compute (FC). Could you please point me to documentation that talks about function chaining in Function Compute (FC)?

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