Cloud Computing and Cyber Security Paves the Path to Fourth Industrial Revolution

Cloud Computing is at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in which technology emerges as the key enabler within societies.


アリババクラウドはシンガポールの個人情報保護認証であるDPTM認証を更新しました。 DPTMは組織がアカウンタビリティをもってデータ保護を実施していることを示すためのシンガポールの民間企業のための認証です。アリババクラウドは2022年以来DPTM認証を維持しています。

The Practices of Public Cloud Protection for Overseas Securities Exchange Apps

This article discusses how Alibaba Cloud provides security and protection for a top investment bank.

What Is COPPA and How You Can Build a Robust COPPA-Compliant Security Program with Alibaba Cloud

This blog allows our customers to understand how the products and services offered by Alibaba Cloud can be used in a robust COPPA-compliant security program.

アリババクラウドは高水準でのNIST SP 800-53準拠が確認され、 NIST CSFで最高級の評価を得ました

Alibaba Cloudは2021年10月、NIST SP 800-53およびNIST CSFという2つの厳格な米国のセキュリティ基準とセキュリティ・フレームワークで高評価をうけました。


Alibaba CloudはEU Cloud COCへの遵守がSCOPE Europeによって確認されています。これは、Alibaba CloudがGDPR第28条の要件を満たした安全・安心なCSPであることを客観的に示しています。

ICP Registration: Smoothing the Hurdles of Chinese Web Hosting

This whitepaper introduces and guides English-speaking business professionals and developers through the legal and technical steps to hosting a website or e-commerce platform in Mainland China.



Alibaba Cloud Attains Security Marks on Media Production and Broadcast

Alibaba Cloud has attained the DPP Security Marks for Production and Broadcast and is committed to adhering to best practices set by the DPP.

How to Register for an ICP Number

Chinese law requires that you obtain an ICP number when you host a website in Mainland China. This post is a tutorial on how you can register for one.

Alibaba Cloud OSS complies with the compliance requirements of U.S. SEC and FINRA

Alibaba Cloud OSS now fully supports the WORM feature, allowing users to save and use data in a "non-deletable or tamper-resistant" manner.

Top 5 Security Considerations for Cloud Deployments

Download the new Alibaba Cloud Security whitepaper to learn more about the overall cloud platform security architecture, and the various security func.

Knowing the Who's Who in the Cloud

To protect sensitive information and offer access to only those who have the right credentials, businesses need to monitor users carefully.