Learning Machine Learning, Part 2: Algorithms and Techniques

In most Machine Learning courses, regression algorithms are the first to be introduced for two reasons: Regression algorithms are relatively simple,

Use Kettle to Import Data to AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

In this blog, you will learn about Kettle and how you can use Kettle to migrate data to AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

Big data and beauty

Beauty and big data Big data has made a lasting mark on the beauty industry in recent years, forever changing the way brands and retailers interact with their customers.

How big data has the potential to save lives

Big data goes beyond enhancing a business to helping society at large. Researchers have made significant discoveries about leveraging big data to save lives in the not-so-distant future.

Big Data's Data Trap 1: Plato's Allegory of the Cave

There is an old Chinese saying that goes, "to believe everything that is written in books is even worse than to have no books at all." If that phrase