ทดสอบ Alibaba Cloud Model Studio: เรียกใช้ Qwen model ผ่าน API ด้วย Python

แนะนำวิธีการใช้งาน Qwen-Max model ผ่าน API โดยตรงด้วย Python บน services Alibaba Cloud Model Studio

Accelerated Integration: Unveiling Flink Connector's API Design and Latest Advances

This article is compiled from the presentation by Ren Qingsheng, committer and PMC member of Apache Flink, at the Flink Forward Asia 2023 core technology session (Part 2).

The Best Alternative for Live Chat Support in 2024

Customers crave fast and efficient chat support. Businesses are adopting Business Messaging APIs for better customers service.

Understand Flink SQL: Real-Time SQL Query Execution for Stream and Batch Data

Discover Flink SQL, the high-level API for executing SQL queries across streaming and batch data sets in Apache Flink.

Tự động triển khai DCDN bằng Python SDK với Free SSL từ Let's encrypt (Phần 3)

Ở các phần trước, mình đã hoàn thành việc đăng ký chứng chỉ SSL và upload lên Alibaba Cloud. Ở phần này, mình sẽ tập trung vào triển khai DCDN qua python SDK.

Tự động triển khai DCDN bằng Python SDK với Free SSL từ Let's encrypt (Phần 2)

Trong bài viết trước, mình đã chuẩn bị vài hàm tạo key cơ bản cho việc request SSL, trong bài viết này, mình sẽ xây dựng vài hàm cơ bản để tương tác v.

Tự động triển khai DCDN bằng Python SDK với Free SSL từ Let's encrypt (Phần 1)

Có nhiều cách để triển khai domain lên DCDN của Alibaba Cloud. Triển khai thông qua giao diện web console có thể thao tác trực quan và tiện lợi, nhưng.

Implementation of Java API Throttling

The article introduces four common throttling algorithms and their implementations.

Developing and Deploying a Tensorflow Model Using PAI DSW and PAI EAS for a Custom Image Dataset

Our ultimate purpose is to mount this OSS image dataset to the DSW instance and enable the usage of the dataset the same way I used in the standalone .

Introducing Alibaba Cloud Quota Center and Permissions on API Operations

This article briefly introduced how to use Quota Center and explains how to increase your quota by using Quota Center.

PAI Visualized Modeling: Enroute from Development to Deployment

The model deployment section below has Elastic Algorithm Service (EAS) which houses the deployment models already available and acts as a platform to deploy the customized models created by the users.

A Beginner's Guide to Building RESTful APIs in Python or Node.js Using Tablestore

This article describes how to build RESTful APIs in Python or Node.js using Tablestore.

What Is API Security and How to Implement It

The article discusses the importance of API security and provides an overview of the key considerations and techniques involved in implementing it.

APITable x Alibaba Cloud Compute Nest: More Convenient and Cost-Effective Self-Hosting on the Cloud

This short article discusses APITable and its latest collaboration with Alibaba Cloud.

Learning about Distributed Systems - Part 8: Improve Availability with Replications

Part 8 of this series discusses one of the core problems of distributed systems: availability.

Integrate ZOLOZ on Application

ZOLOZ is a technology solution from Ant Group, a platform to serves real identity verification and authentication based on biometrics.

More on Distributed Transaction - Part 13 of About Distributed Systems

Today we will take a look at the distributed trasactions based on Dynamo and Base, and find out what the advantages and disvantages are.

The Evolution of RocketMQ 5.0 API and SDK

This article discusses the evolution of RocketMQ 5.0, including the new unified API, implementation, observability, and metrics.

Step-by-step Instructions on Building Blockchain App using Alibaba Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

In this blockchain tutorial, we will build a standard mode blockchain environment. This mode will allow user to create all the operations manually.