Artificial Intelligence

Alibaba’s CTO On Everything You Wanted To Know About AI Ethics

Alibaba CTO addresses some of the top ethical concerns involving AI and machine learning after technology committee is formed.

MatarStars’ Smart Freight Management Platform Optimizes Business Operations for the Logistics Industry

The Vietnamese startup has developed an AI-powered solution to help businesses better manage their logistics processes.

How AI-Generated Art Is Shaking Up The Field Of Graphic Design

What happens when AI meets art? Will it displace artists, or empower them with more intelligent tools? One thing is certain, the possibilities are endless.

Linh AI’s Digital Platform Helps Businesses Speed Up AI Adoption

The startup provides companies with a scalable infrastructure for AI development.

Image Machine Creates Synthetic Images to Train AI Models

The Singapore startup can generate large image datasets and cut AI training costs for developers.

Singapore-Based Moaah Simplifies Compliance with Shipping Regulations

The company’s proprietary AI identifies potential shipment misdeclaration or regulatory breaches.

Works Is Redefining the Way Freelance Talents Collaborate with Companies

The Singapore-based startup has built a Web3 platform where talents and clients can work together transparently.

Code Search! A New Field of Artificial Intelligence

This article introduces Code Search and other interesting tasks involved in code intelligence.

Prosa.ai: Trains Systems to Process Human Speech in Bahasa Indonesia | Video Story

Prosa.ai is a deep tech company which develops Natural Language Processing technology building blocks, platform and solutions based on Artificial Intelligence for Bahasa Indonesia.

ClicknCare: Medical Care, Just a Click Away | Interview

Meet Sultanur Reza, founder of ClicknCare, creator of a healthcare platform for the migrant workers across Asia.

Alibaba Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions for Exponential Growth in Healthcare

This short article discusses some of the benefits of Alibaba’s AI-based in the healthcare industry.

Alibaba Cloud Brings a Unique Tech-Fuelled Experience to Genting Skyworlds Theme Parks

An AI-powered Virtual Queue Solution provides guests with a seamless and engaging entertainment experience through Genting SkyWorlds’ mobile app.

Four Steps to Help AI Voices Sound More "Human-Like"

This short article discusses transforming text-to-speech (TTS) and voice AI into more human-like speech patterns.

Enhance the Agility of the Manufacturing Industry with Alibaba Cloud AI Solutions

This short article discusses the benefits and enhancements Alibaba Cloud AI solutions offer.

What is DeFi and How is AI Creating New Opportunities In the Sector?

With AI at the forefront, decentralized finance (DeFi) is driving change in a traditional sector.

Alibaba Technology Series Part 5

Do you wanna explore the most advanced cloud computing technologies and practices in the industry? This series will help you learn more about the technologies you are most interested in.

Alibaba Technology Series Part 4

Do you wanna explore the most advanced cloud computing technologies and practices in the industry? This series will help you learn more about the technologies you are most interested in.

Studying Intelligence: An Introduction to Deep Learning

This article discusses the stages of artificial intelligence and the basics of deep learning.

Automate and Enhance Your IT System with Alibaba AIOps Capabilities

This short article discusses how Alibaba AIOps can automate and enhance IT systems

Frontier Technology | Where Is the Road to High-Precision Medicine?

This article answers three questions: What is high-precision medicine? What is more effective in treating cancer? How will medical care develop?