Artificial Intelligence

Image Classification with TensorFlow

This article introduces a method of image recognition using deep learning that can be applied to image filtering, facial recognition, and object detection.

Collaborative Filtering for Product Recommendation

This article describes how to use Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI to make recommendations using collaborative filtering.

Using Machine Learning for Automatic Label Classification

This article will discuss the usage of Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform's (PAI) text analysis function to implement a simple automatic label classification system.

Automating Airport Security Checks with Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain

Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain speeds up border control in Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport by completing a face-identity security check in 3 seconds.

Highlights of the Computing Conference 2018 – Empowering the Economy through Data and Technology

Let's take a look at the key topics in this year's conference, including the launch of ET City Brain 2.0 and Jack Ma's focus on New Manufacturing.

Alibaba Cloud Speeds Up IoT Strategy at The Computing Conference

Alibaba Cloud demonstrated its Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities and long-term IoT strategy at The Computing Conference 2018.

Alibaba Underlines "Intelligent Collaboration of Vehicle to Road" in New Automotive Strategy

Alibaba a plan to upgrade its automotive strategy that aims to build an "intelligent expressway."

The Road to Digital Intelligence with Alibaba Cloud ET Brain

Min Wanli, Chief Scientist of Artificial Intelligence at Alibaba Cloud, explained how Alibaba Cloud ET Brain can help cities and enterprises to embrace the digital revolution.

Investing in AI the Smart Way – Lessons from 7 Tech Giants

In this blog, we will discuss the "deep value" aspect of artificial intelligence, which every AI investor and enterprise should consider.

How Alibaba Cloud Evaluates Customer Product Reviews on Alibaba E-Commerce Platform

This article explains the process that Alibaba Cloud follows to analyze and improve the customer product reviews using NLP on Alibaba e-commerce platform.

Khalifa University and Alibaba Cloud Launch Joint Innovation Laboratory to Focus on Artificial Intelligence for Clean Energy

Khalifa University of Science and Technology and Alibaba Cloud announced the launch of a Joint Innovation Laboratory, serving as the leading hub for energy and digitalization in the UAE.

Bosch and Alibaba Cloud Announce Collaboration to Introduce Automated Valet Parking in China

Bosch and Alibaba Cloud will develop an infrastructure-based, driverless parking solution to provide a fully automated valet parking (AVP) service in the near future.

Alibaba Cloud Unveils ECS Core Technologies at LC3 Conference 2018

Alibaba Cloud ECS team unveiled ECS core technologies by sharing topics such as performance improvement for AI applications at the LC3 Conference 2018.

Alibaba Lays Out Roadmap for Frontier Technology Research

Alibaba DAMO Academy unveils plans on quantum computing and AI chips over the next five years

Applying Alibaba Machine Translation to Cross-border E-commerce Scenarios

This article shares the background of machine translation and illustrates the applications of machine translation in Alibaba ecology, particularly in .

Link Vision Opens a New IoT Smart Video Service

In this article, Shaobin discusses how Alibaba Cloud helped Link Vision launch the Internet of Things (IoT) smart video service by addressing the issues of traditional video surveillance solutions.

High-Accuracy Population-based Image Search

In this article, Liu Lei talks about the applications of Image Search for e-commerce, developed by Alibaba's Machine Intelligence Technology Laboratory.

Breakthroughs in Matching and Recommendation Algorithms by Alibaba

In this article, we will discuss Alibaba Group's innovative deep learning algorithms that help improve product recommendation accuracy.

Alibaba Cloud ET Environment Brain Assists in AI-based Flood Control in Zhejiang, China

Discover how Alibaba Cloud assisted Jinhua, a city in Zhejiang province of China, to combat floods using artificial intelligence with ET Environment Brain.

Using GPS Collars to Track the Movements of African Elephants

On July 24, 2017, Jack Ma adopted an African elephant named 'Hangzhou'. Now that a year has passed, scientists have been analyzing the data from Hangzhou's GPS collar to track its behavior.