Artificial Intelligence

How AI Is Transforming Risk Assessment in Finance

This article examines how AI transforms risk assessment in finance, including examples of how AI can help manage financial risk.

What Is AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management?

This short article defines AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management.

Optimizing and Improving warehouse outbound-picking process by using Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform For A.I. (PAI)

This article describes how Alibaba cloud environments and Artificial Intelligence – machine learning can be utilized in supply chain management (SCM) / Logistics – warehouse management system.

Alibaba Unveils Top Technology Trend Forecasting for 2023

Alibaba DAMO Academy has shared its annual forecasting of the leading technology trends that could shape many industries in the years ahead.

What is AI Art? Everything You Need to Know

This article explores everything you need to know about AI art, including its definition, history, contemporary examples, and applications.

When AI Meets the Art of Painting

This article introduces multi-modal image generation technology and explores how to use multi-modal images to do AI painting.

How AI Writing Tools Can Help All of Your Content Marketing Needs

This article will discuss content marketing, AI tools, and how they can help marketers with content marketing writing tasks.

AI Technology in Hearing Aids: Exciting Advances

This article discusses how hearing aids utilize AI technology to offer users better experiences.





鋼鐵是怎麼用人工智慧 AI 煉成的?新技術降低能耗案例


AIRec: Layanan Rekomendasi Alibaba Cloud Berkualitas Tinggi untuk Aplikasi Anda

Bayangkan Anda sedang mencari tas di e-commerce. E-commerce menampilkan daftar rekomendasi yang paling relevan untuk membantu Anda memilih.

What AI Can and Cannot Do for a Marketer

This short article discusses the pros and cons of AI within digital marketing.

Big Data and AI in Healthcare: How They're Changing Medicine

This article discusses the history of AI in healthcare and how adopting more AI will change the healthcare industry.

Alibaba’s CTO On Everything You Wanted To Know About AI Ethics

Alibaba CTO addresses some of the top ethical concerns involving AI and machine learning after technology committee is formed.

MatarStars’ Smart Freight Management Platform Optimizes Business Operations for the Logistics Industry

The Vietnamese startup has developed an AI-powered solution to help businesses better manage their logistics processes.

How AI-Generated Art Is Shaking Up The Field Of Graphic Design

What happens when AI meets art? Will it displace artists, or empower them with more intelligent tools? One thing is certain, the possibilities are endless.

Linh AI’s Digital Platform Helps Businesses Speed Up AI Adoption

The startup provides companies with a scalable infrastructure for AI development.

Image Machine Creates Synthetic Images to Train AI Models

The Singapore startup can generate large image datasets and cut AI training costs for developers.