Artificial Intelligence

DAMO Academy's AI Breakthrough Makes Pancreatic Cancer Easier to Detect

Alibaba's research institute has developed an AI tool that screens for early signs of pancreatic cancer, one of the most fatal cancers.

AI Chatbots From Limitations to Possibilities | Practical Guide to Enhance AI Chatbot Capabilities

In this video tutorial, we will the principle of the design and the technical architecture of AI chatbots.

Deploy a Llama Model as a Web Application in EAS

This article describes how to deploy a Llama 2 model or a fine-tuned model as a ChatLLM-WebUI application, start the web UI, and perform model inference by using API operations.

Alibaba Cloud Makes More LLMs Available to Support Open-Source Community

Alibaba Cloud has made two large language models and a model that understands audio freely available to support the open-source ecosystem.

Deploy Stable Diffusion API Service in EAS

This article describes how to use Elastic Algorithm Service (EAS) of Platform for AI (AI) to deploy the Stable Diffusion (SD) API service and how to use SD APIs for model inference.

Deploy a LoRA SD Model by Using Kohya_ss in EAS

This article describes how to deploy the open source Kohya_ss and train a Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA) model by using the Kohya_ss in the EAS of PAI.

Deploy Stable Diffusion for AI Painting with EAS in a Few Clicks

This article describes how to use an image to deploy the Stable Diffusion model as a web application in EAS, perform model inference with web UI and generate images based on text prompts.

Alibaba Cloud công bố một loạt đổi mới sáng tạo về AI tạo sinh (Generative AI)

Mới đây, tại Hội nghị thượng đỉnh hằng năm Apsara 2023, Alibaba Cloud đã công bố một loạt các đổi mới sáng tạo về AI tạo sinh (generative AI).

Unlock the Power of AI: A Comprehensive Guide to Alibaba Cloud's Platform for AI

This article delves into the key features and functionalities of Alibaba Cloud's Platform for AI, exploring its capabilities from data preparation to model deployment.

Alibaba Cloud Showcased How Artificial Intelligence Can Reshape Retail During 2023's 11.11

Nowhere was there a bigger display of AI than during the world's largest retail event, where large language models powered shopping.

Empowering Generative AI with Alibaba Cloud PAI's Advanced LLM and LangChain Features

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud PAI, a platform that combines AI capabilities with Langchain and LLM to revolutionize the field of Generative AI.

Unleashing Creativity Exploring the Power of Generative AI on Cloud

Earlier this month, Alibaba Cloud Indonesia launched a new community group for partners, Alibaba Cloud Indonesia Digital Tech Ecosystem community, whe...

Intelligent Robot by Alibaba Cloud: Transforming Interaction with Advanced Features

This article introduces the Intelligent Robot and delves into its features and benefits, and how it transforms customer interactions.

Q&A: Alibaba Cloud’s CTO on Creating China’s Biggest AI Model Community

Developers have access to over 2,300 AI models on ModelScope. ModelScope has attracted over 100 million model downloads in the past year.

PAI Visualized Modeling: Enroute from Development to Deployment

The model deployment section below has Elastic Algorithm Service (EAS) which houses the deployment models already available and acts as a platform to deploy the customized models created by the users.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Tongyi Qianwen 2.0 and Industry-specific Models to Support Customers Reap Benefits of Generative AI

New AI Model Building Platform and a suite of innovative cloud products were launched to cater for the surging demand among customers and developers.

Futureverse Collaborates with Alibaba Cloud to Bring Robust Computing Technology to Music AI Platform JEN

Futureverse announces today its collaboration with Alibaba Cloud to make major strides for the future of AI in the music and entertainment industry.

The Generative AI Paradigm: A Path to Industry Transformation

This article introduces how Alibaba Cloud's generative AI solutions can redefine creativity and accelerate innovation in various industries.

Compute Nest: Enabling Cutting-Edge Generative AI Integration and Knowledge Base Systems in Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud

This article introduces Compute Nest, a comprehensive cloud integration Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution.

Mastering Generative AI - Run Llama2 Models on Alibaba Cloud's PAI with Ease

This article discusses the seamless integration of Llama 2 models on Alibaba Cloud's PAI-EAS platform, which offers significant speed boosts and cost savings for users through PAI Blade.