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Farruh Posted blog

The Benefits of Using EasyDispatch for Delivery Businesses

This short article explores the benefits of using EasyDispatch for delivery businesses.

Farruh Posted blog

Next-Level Conversations: LLM + VectorDB with Alibaba Cloud Is Customizable and Cost-Efficient

This article explains the benefits of LLM + VectorDB with Alibaba Cloud (with examples).

Farruh Posted blog

Generative AI, Composer  -  the Next Level of Stable Diffusion

This article analyzes the power of the Composer and how it can bring benefits.

Farruh Posted blog

Easy MLOps with ACK Alibaba Cloud - Part 1

This article introduces the theoretical aspects of containerization and how to choose the proper cloud vendor.

Farruh Posted blog

Run a Machine Learning Model on Alibaba Cloud with Docker

This article follows up on two previous articles and explains how to run the Machine Learning Model on Docker.

Farruh Posted blog

Working with Alibaba Cloud ECS - Part 2: NVIDIA-TensorFlow Docker Image

Part 2 of this series explains installing NVIDIA-Docker and pulling Tenforflow GPU Docker images.

Farruh Posted blog

Working with Alibaba Cloud ECS - Part 1: Preparing the GPU-Container Environment

Part 1 of this series describes creating and preparing an environment to train or inference the AI model.

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