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Double 11 Festival: Top 4 Deals You Shouldn't Miss!

Now is the perfect time to move your applications to the cloud with Alibaba Cloud's Double 11 deals. Get more savings with up to 40% off on cloud servers.

September Announcement of Alibaba Cloud Community Builder Program

We are pleased to announce the results for the September edition of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder program.

August Announcement of Alibaba Cloud Community Builder Program

We are pleased to announce the results for the August edition of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder program.

Live Stream Schedule - The Computing Conference 2018

The Computing Conference 2018, Alibaba's annual flagship event, will showcase an array of cutting-edge technology from the company and its partners from September 19th to 22nd in Hangzhou, China.

Alibaba Group Tackling Poverty through Technology

Alibaba Group is dedicated to cultivating talents and serving nonprofit organizations globally using technology.

Catch the Finals of the 2018 Global Blockchain Competition at Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference

Alibaba Cloud Global Blockchain Competition is a global competition aimed at promoting the application of blockchain technology across different industry verticals.

Announcing July's Winners and Best Entries of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder Program

We are glad to announce the results for the July edition of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder program.

A Brief History of Alibaba Cloud Apsara System

Dr. Wang Jian, the founder of Alibaba Cloud, briefly talked about the early days of Alibaba Cloud on the latest episode of the CCTV TV program "Readers".

Best Practices for Working with Alibaba Cloud Function Compute

In this article, we discuss the best practices for one of the hottest trends in technology right now – serverless computing – using Alibaba Cloud Function Compute.

We Already Follow the Sun: Alibaba Cloud's Chief Warns Competitors

AWS is its biggest competitor in Asia, but for Alibaba Cloud, the market has enough scope for everyone. At least for now.

Why Alibaba Could Be the Next Big Cloud Success Story

Yeming Wang, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud, Europe spoke to Tech Radar about the company's plans for the future

How Alibaba Cloud Plans to Disrupt the Cloud Market in EMEA

The Chinese technology powerhouse is building out its EMEA presence, and sees its position as a gateway to the Chinese market as a key differentiator.

Let's Welcome Our New Batch of MVPs

After several rounds of evaluation, 17 experts have been awarded as Alibaba Cloud Global MVP in June 2018, making the MVP community stronger than ever before.

Moving Up the Ranks in the Global Cloud Market

Learn how Alibaba Cloud has moved up the ranks to become a cloud leader – with global expansion as its key strategy.

Olympic Day Charity Run Powered by DataV

Alibaba Group hosted a charity run powered by DataV on June 23, 2018, to celebrate Olympic Day.

Assessing Alibaba Cloud

AWS,Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform rule the public cloud market – but Chinese IaaS challenger Alibaba Cloud is targeting world domination

Hello World - Introducing the All-New Alibaba Cloud Community Blog

The new community blog platform provides our readers with a more interactive and easy-to-use experience.

Alibaba Cloud Opens Up Its Documentation to the Community

Alibaba Cloud open-source documentation is here! Our new open-source documentation initiative hopes to narrow the gap between technical documentations and users.

Alibaba Cloud RDS vs. IBM Cloud Database vs. Oracle Cloud Database

When moving apps to the cloud or creating new cloud-native apps, the database is vitally important. This article provides a technical review of the cl...

Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce vs AWS EMR vs. Azure HDInsight

Big Data is among the biggest IT trends of the last years. Maintaining a large infrastructure for analytics is a major challenge for Big Data.