Alibaba Cloud Awarded HPC China 2020 "Best Industry Application Award"

Alibaba Cloud won the "Best Industry Application Award in HPC" at the HPC CHINA 2020 Conference for its contribution in the transportation and medical industries.

Building a High-Performance Container Solution with Super Computing Cluster and Singularity

Alibaba Cloud Super Computing Cluster integrates the open source Singularity container technology to deliver an efficient elastic high performance container solution.

Optimizing GPU Heterogeneous Parallel Performance (GROMACS) with E-HPC CloudMetrics

This article uses GROMACS as an example to explain how to use Alibaba Cloud E-HPC's CloudMetrics to optimize GPU heterogeneous parallel performance.

Optimizing WRF Model with Alibaba Cloud E-HPC CloudMetrics

This article shows you how to optimize the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model on Super Computing Cluster with Alibaba Cloud E-HPC's CloudMetrics feature.

Simulation Cloud with E-HPC for the Manufacturing Industry

Alibaba Cloud Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) provides highly elastic solutions for industrial-level simulation in manufacturing.

Heterogeneous Computing for AI and Big Data – Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference

Alibaba Cloud heterogeneous platform for elastic computing aims to provide high-quality services for organizations to realize scientific and technological innovations.