Open Source

What Is Wireshark and How to Install It on Alibaba Cloud

This article provides a guide on how to install Wireshark on Alibaba Cloud.

What Is Linux LFS (Linux from Scratch)

This article discusses the Linux LFS (Linux From Scratch) project which offers a comprehensive guide and scripts for creating a custom Linux operating system from scratch.

Using Arthas in JRE

Part 5 of this series discusses arthas in JRE, the attach mechanism, and replacing JRE with JDK.

Coroutine Made DPDK Development Easy

This article explains how DPDK dev became open-source and how its processes have developed since 2013.

What Is SquirrelMail?

This article provides an overview of SquirrelMail, a web-based email application that allows users to access and manage their emails through a web interface.

What Is Squid Proxy?

The article explains what Squid Proxy is, its main functions such as caching, forwarding, access control, authentication, content filtering, and traffic optimization.

What Is Samba?

The article discusses Samba, an open-source software suite that enables file and print services between Windows, Linux, and Unix systems over a network.

What Is Linux Kernel?

The article discusses the functions and importance of the Linux kernel.

What Is Linux Distribution?

The article explains what a Linux distribution is, its main characteristics and components, how it caters to a wide range of users and purposes.

What Is Metasploit? How to Install Metasploit on Ubuntu

Metasploit is an open-source penetration testing framework used to find and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and applications.

OpenKruise V1.4 Release, New Job Sidecar Terminator Capability

This article provides a comprehensive overview of OpenKruise V1.4.

A Quick View of OpenYurt v1.2: Cloud-Edge Traffic Peak Reduced by 90% Compared to Native Kubernetes

This article highlights the release of OpenYurt v1.2.

In-Depth Interpretation of OpenYurt v1.2: Edge-Cloud Network Optimization

This article focuses on the solution to network optimization in cloud-edge scenarios.

Configure SLO for Application Service in Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (5): Use Grafana to View SLO

Part 5 of this series exaplains how to use Grafana to view SLO-related metrics.

Higress Practice: Use 30 Lines of Code to Write a Wasm Go Plugin

This article introduces a Demo of Open-Source Higress and explains the principle and mechanism behind it.

Koordinator v1.1: Load-Aware Scheduling and Interference Detection Collection

This article discusses the official release of Koordinator v1.1 and an in-depth interpretation and explanation of its new features.

A Review of KubeVela from Launch to Promotion to the CNCF Incubation

This article offers a complete review to sort out the traps in the evolution of the project, aiming to help the development of the entire open-source ecosystem.

AOP Principle and Application of IOC-golang

This article explains the relationship between AOP and IOC.

The Open-Source Folks Talk - Episode 4: Remain True to Original Aspirations in the Cloud-Native Age

The latest entry of the Open-Source Folks Talk discusses the history of the first Apache Incubation Project on Alibaba Cloud.

The Open-Source Folks Talk - Episode 4: Alibaba AI's Open-Source Process, and Thinking

The latest entry of the Open-Source Folks Talk discusses inclusiveness in AI.