Open Source

Higress's New WASM Runtime Greatly Improves Performance

This article introduces the latest progress of Higress in switching the runtime of Wasm plug-in from V8 to WAMR.

ACK One Argo Workflows: Implementing Dynamic Fan-out/Fan-in Task Orchestration

This article explains how to use Argo Workflow to orchestrate dynamic DAG fan-out/fan-in tasks.

Decipher the Knative's Open-Source Serverless Framework: Traffic Perspective

This article describes Knative's traffic management, traffic access, traffic-based elasticity, and monitoring.

Alibaba Cloud Open Sources Toolkits for Video Generation Model Development

Alibaba Cloud has broadened its selection of freely available collaborative resources with the introduction of a video generation toolkit on ModelScope.

PolarDB-X Open Source | Three Replicas of MySQL Based on Paxos

The article introduces the release and features of PolarDB-X version 2.3.0 and provides a quick start guide for the PolarDB-X centralized form.

Evolution of Nacos in the Cloud-native Architecture

The article describes the evolution of Nacos and introduces Nacos Controller project as a bridge between Nacos and Kubernetes.

Deploying Alibaba Cloud Large Language Model (Tongy Qianwen) with Graphical and Command Line Interfaces

In this blog, we will DeployAlibaba Cloud Large Language Model (Tongy Qianwen-7B) with Graphical and Command Line Interfaces

Best Practices for Ray Clusters - Ray on ACK

The article discusses how to set up a Ray cluster on Alibaba Cloud ACK, and the elastic scaling capabilities facilitated by the Ray autoscaler and ACK autoscaler.

Upgrade Spring Boot Applications to Spring Cloud

This article outlines the process for upgrading a Spring Boot application to Spring Cloud, capitalizing on the microservice ecosystem of Spring Cloud.

Observability | Best Practices for Using Prometheus to Monitor Memcached

This article introduces how to use Prometheus to Monitor Memcached.

Alibaba Cloud Rolls Out Multi-Lingual LLM

Alibaba Cloud rolls out the latest iteration of its Qwen model series, Qwen 1.5.

OpenKruise × iLogtail: The Best Practice for Managing Sidecar Containers for Observable Data Collection

This article analyzes the challenges in managing sidecar containers for data collection and provides solutions using the management capabilities offered by OpenKruise.

Running ODPS PySpark using CLI

In this article we will discuss about Spark in general, its uses in the Big Data workflow and how to configure and run Spark in the CLI mode for CI/CD purposes.

When OpenTelemetry Meets Alibaba Cloud Prometheus

This article focuses on the construction of system observability, specifically the metric monitoring system.

Open Source PolarDB Uses Orafce to Support Oracle Compatibility

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses orafce to support Oracle compatibility.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pg_similarity to Implement 17 Types of Text Similarity Search

This article explains how the open-source version of PolarDB utilizes pg_similarity to implement 17 types of text similarity search.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pg_rational Extension to Support Stern-Brocot Trees

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses pg_rational extension to support Stern-Brocot trees to efficiently customize and adjust the order.

Implement Spring-cloud-gateway Using Higress Wasm Plug-in

This article reviews how Spring Cloud Gateway fulfills the scenarios of HTTP request or response transformation requirements.

Kruise-Game: Best Practices for Traditional PvE Games

This article introduces the challenges of implementing PvE games on Kubernetes and how to manage server-based game services using OpenKruiseGame (OKG).

Major Upgrades of Go Microservice Framework: A Preview of Apache Dubbo-go 3.2.0-alpha

This article is a preview of the Apache Dubbo-go 3.2.0-alpha version.