Open Source

Moodle development framework

This article provides a step-by-step guide to the Moodle learning management system for you to build long-distance and online learning programs.

Alibaba Cloud Empowers China's Open Source Cloud Computing Communities

This blog gives a glimpse of the benefits and latest trends in open source technology and how Alibaba Cloud is contributing to the open source community.

Emerging Technologies in the Post-IaaS Age – The Computing Conference 2018

Industry experts from across the globe shared their thoughts on emerging technologies at the Cloud Native Technology Summit of The Computing Conference 2018.

Hyperconnectivity and Openness in the Digital Age – The Computing Conference 2018

Alibaba Cloud shows commitment to the open source database community at the Database Developer Ecosystem Summit of The Computing Conference 2018.

Alibaba Cloud Unveils ECS Core Technologies at LC3 Conference 2018

Alibaba Cloud ECS team unveiled ECS core technologies by sharing topics such as performance improvement for AI applications at the LC3 Conference 2018.

JStorm-based Network Analysis Platform

This article introduces some practices in network analysis by Alibaba Cloud's network team, including how to build the entire platform based on real-time computing and several key scenarios.

Zero-Copy Optimization for Alibaba Cloud Smart NIC Solution

This article introduces the motivation, functional framework, and soft forwarding program of Smart NIC developed by Alibaba Cloud, as well as problems...

Network Service Optimization with the VPP Platform

This article introduces the technical background and for using VPP as the foundation of Smart Access Gateway for Alibaba Cloud network products.

How to Install and Configure OTRS on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to install OTRS, a free and open source Ticket Request System, on an Alibaba Cloud ECS with Ubuntu 16.04.

Disaster Tolerance and Remote Multi-Active Regions with MongoShake

This article briefly discusses the way Alibaba Cloud MongoShake tackles two challenging issues in database management: disaster tolerance across data centers and remote multi-active IDCs/regions.

Open Container Initiative Welcomes Alibaba Cloud as Newest Member

Alibaba Cloud joins the Open Container Initiative (OCI) to help drive global container standardization.

PouchContainer: How OCI Specifications Power Alibaba

PouchContainer's vision is to advance container ecosystem and promote container standards in the Open Container Initiative (OCI), so that container te...

How Does a PouchContainer Volume Work?

This article describes the inner-workings of PouchContainer volumes, which are designed to address the data persistence issue of PouchContainer.

Establishing a Network with PouchContainer

This article describes how PouchContainer establishes a network and connects containers to the network, as well as analyzes the source code for a full explanation of the network connection.

PouchContainer CNM Network Initialization with Libnetwork

This article introduces the Container Network Model (CNM) and describes how the PouchContainer uses Libnetwork to build a CNM network.

PouchContainer RingBuffer Log Practices

This article analyzes the reasons for introducing the non-blocking log buffer and illustrates the practices of the non-blocking log buffer in Golang.

Design and Implementation of PouchContainer CRI

This article discusses the rationale for Container Runtime Interface (CRI) and its architecture, with a focus on the implementation of PouchContainer's core functional modules.

Measuring Integration Test Coverage Rate in PouchContainer

Oftentimes, it is complex to measure the coverage rate of integration testing. This document describes how such measurement is done in PouchContainer.

PouchContainer with LXCFS for Highly Reliable Isolation of Containers

This document describes the use cases and mechanism of LXCFS, as well as the integration of LXCFS in PouchContainer.

Alibaba Cloud Arena: An Open-Source Tool for Deep Learning

Alibaba Cloud deep learning tool, Arena, helps data scientists run deep learning on the cloud without having to learn to manipulate low-level IT resources.