Open Source

The First Node.js 3.0-Alpha Version of Apache Dubbo Is Officially Released

This article introduces the Node.js 3.0-Alpha Version of Apache Dubbo and gives a complete example of Node.js microservice development.

Coordinated sharing of CPU resources in Colocation Scenarios - Fine-grained CPU Orchestration

This article introduces how Koordinator helps loads (online and online, online and offline) share CPU resources collaboratively when different types of workloads are colocated on the same node.

Running Hadoop YARN with K8s by Koordinator

This article introduces Koordinator's support for running Hadoop YARN jobs by utilizing koord-batch resources alongside other Kubernetes pods.

Open Source PolarDB Uses Rum to Implement Efficient Searches and Sorting

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses rum to implement efficient searches and sorting.

Open Source PolarDB Uses postgresql_hll to Accelerate UV Sliding Analysis and Real-time Recommendations

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses postgresql_hll to to achieve efficient UV (Unique Visitor) sliding analysis and real-time recommendation for filtered read lists.

Alibaba Cloud Makes More LLMs Available to Support Open-Source Community

Alibaba Cloud has made two large language models and a model that understands audio freely available to support the open-source ecosystem.

Dubbo-js Alpha Version: Enabling Direct Access to Backend Microservices via Browsers

This article introduces the Dubbo-js alpha version, which supports the Dubbo3 protocol.

Open Source PolarDB Uses parray_gin to Implement Efficient Fuzzy Searches for Elements in Arrays and JSON

This article focuses on how the open-source version of PolarDB utilizes parray_gin to implement efficient fuzzy searches for elements in arrays and JSON.

Open Source PolarDB Uses duckdb_fdw to Support Parquet and Efficient OLAP

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses duckdb_fdw to support parquet, a columnar storage file format, and efficient OLAP.

Decipher the Elastic Technology of Knative's Open Source Serverless Framework

This article gives an in-depth understanding of the elastic implementation of Knative.

How to Select Open Source Microservices? Detailed Comparison of Spring Cloud, Dubbo, gRPC, and Istio

This article focuses on Dubbo and provides a detailed introduction to various framework products such as Spring Cloud, Dubbo, gRPC, and Istio.

Kruise Rollout: A Scalable Traffic Scheduling Scheme Based on Lua Scripts

This article introduces by Kruise Rollout’s solution for enhancing traffic scheduling capabilities for progressive delivery.

RocketMQ 5.0 Architecture Analysis: How to Support Diversified Scenarios Based on Cloud-native Architecture

This article introduces the cloud-native architecture of RocketMQ and how it supports various scenarios using a unified architecture.

Higress: A Best Practice for Knative Ingress Gateway

This article describes the implementation of the network layer capabilities of Knative.

Getting Started with OpenKruiseGame

This article introduces OpenKruiseGame and its installation and design concept.

Kruise-Game: Best Practice for Session-Based Games (PvP Room)

This article introduces best practices for session-based games and the ideal cloud-native architecture for session-based games.

How Does Spring Cloud Introduce Cloud-native Gateway and Innovate Microservice Architecture

This article explores how to leverage Higress to implement best practices for Spring Cloud Alibaba application deployment.

A New Paradigm for Cloud-native Gateway Deployment | Higress 1.1 Supports Non-Kubernetes Deployment

This article introduces the core features of Higress 1.1.0.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pg_trgm GIN Indexes to Implement Efficient Fuzzy Queries

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses pg_trgm GIN indexes to implement efficient fuzzy queries like '%xxx%'.

Open Source PolarDB Enhances Time Series Data with TimescaleDB

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses TimescaleDB to implement high-speed writing, compression, real-time aggregation computing, and automatic aging of time series data.