Open Source

eunomia-bpf: The Lightweight Development Framework for eBPF and WebAssembly Is Now Available!

This article is an excerpt from a speech about eunomia-bpf from the 2022 Apsara Conference.

How Does an Open-Source Workflow Engine Support an Enterprise-Level Serverless Architecture

This article describes how to use KubeVela Workflow to upgrade the architecture of SAE and interprets multiple practice scenarios.

Seata v1.5.1 Solves the Idempotence, Suspension, and Empty Rollback Problems of TCC Mode

This article explains how Alibaba Seata version 1.5.1 solves the idempotence, suspension, and empty rollback problems in TCC mode.

Databricks Data Insight Open Course - Use Databricks + MLFlow to Train and Deploy Machine Learning Models

This article describes how to use Databricks and MLflow to build a machine learning lifecycle management platform.

200 Lines of Code to Rewrite the 600'000 Lines RocksDB into a Coroutine Program

In this article, we will introduce how to transform a large-scale database program from threads to coroutines.

OpenYurt: Alibaba's First Open-Source, Cloud-Native Project for Edge Computing

This article talks about what OpenYurt is, its capabilities, and the solutions it provides.

PolarDB-X Practice Series – Part 1: How to Deploy Open-Source PolarDB-X

This section of the PolarDB-X Practice Series explains three ways to deploy PolarDB-X.

The Open-Source Folks Talk - Episode 3: PolarDB Open-Source Status and Future Plan

The following article provides a detailed explanation of the current open-source strategy, community operation strategy, and future construction direction of open-source PolarDB.

Kata 3.0 Is Coming! Start Experiencing the Out-of-the-Box Secure Container!

This article discusses the history of Kata and the release of Kata 3.0.

Koordinator 1.0: The Industry's First Production-Available, Open-Source Co-Location System for Large-Scale Scenarios

This article discusses the history, importance, and details behind Koodinator 1.0.

Apsara Conference | RocketMQ under the Wave of Cloud Computing & Open-Source

This article discusses the current phase of RocketMQ and how it will evolve with cloud computing and open-source technology.

New Milestone of KubeVela: A Cloud-Native Application Platform with United Delivery and Day-2 Management

This article discusses the announcement of the latest KubeVela upgrades during the 2022 Apsara Conference.

Open-Source SysOM of Anolis: A Comprehensive O&M Management Platform

This article discusses SysOM SIG of OpenAnolis and its architecture, features, and usage practices.

Glue Terraform Ecosystem into Kubernetes World

In this article, we will introduce how to integrate terraform modules into KubeVela by fixing a real world problem.

Trace and Visualize the Relationships Between the Kubernetes Resources with KubeVela

In this post, we will describe how this new feature of KubeVela is implemented and works, and the roadmap for this feature.

An Interpretation of PolarDB-X Source Codes (Extra): How to Implement a Paxos

This is an extra article from the 10-part series, discussing the engineering implementation of Paxos.

An Interpretation of PolarDB-X Source Codes (10): Life of Transactions

Part 10 of this 10-part series focuses on the codes related to the transaction of the PolarDB-X.

An Interpretation of PolarDB-X Source Codes (9): Life of DDL

Part 9 of this 10-part series mainly explains the implementation of PolarDB-X DDL in the compute node (CN).

An Interpretation of PolarDB-X Source Codes (8): Life of Global Binlog

Part 8 of this 10-part series analyzes the generation of Binlog and how to process and generate Global Binlog through the system.

An Interpretation of PolarDB-X Source Codes (7): Life of Private Protocol Connection (CN)

Part 7 of this 10-part series describes the key points and data structures in the private protocol connection process.