12 Open Source Projects by Alibaba – Part 1

This article summarizes 12 open source projects from Alibaba and Alibaba Cloud including: Ant design, AliOS Lite, AliOS Things, Open Messaging, Alibab.

Behind Alibaba's Double 11 Mysterious "Dragonfly" Technology ®C PB-Grade Large-File Distribution System

In this article, we will discover how Alibaba Dragonfly file distribution system helps support the annual Alibaba Singles' Day (Double 11) online shopping festival.

Surpassing Best-Fit: Optimizing Online Container Scheduling Policies for Large Transactions

In this article, we will be describing Sigma, Alibaba's container scheduling system, and learning how to apply SwarmRL to scheduling policy optimization.

10 Years of Double 11: The Evolution and Upgrade of Alibaba's Cloudification Architecture

The 10th anniversary of Alibaba's Double 11 Shopping Festival is just around the corner. Learn how Alibaba's cloud infrastructure evolved to cope with the world's largest shopping festival.

Measuring Integration Test Coverage Rate in PouchContainer

Oftentimes, it is complex to measure the coverage rate of integration testing. This document describes how such measurement is done in PouchContainer.

Open Container Initiative Welcomes Alibaba Cloud as Newest Member

Alibaba Cloud joins the Open Container Initiative (OCI) to help drive global container standardization.

PouchContainer with LXCFS for Highly Reliable Isolation of Containers

This document describes the use cases and mechanism of LXCFS, as well as the integration of LXCFS in PouchContainer.

Alibaba Group's Eight-Year Journey towards Containerization

In this article, we will look at how Alibaba's open source PouchContainer evolved from a centralized single application to a distributed microservice architecture.

PouchContainer: How OCI Specifications Power Alibaba

PouchContainer's vision is to advance container ecosystem and promote container standards in the Open Container Initiative (OCI), so that container te...

How Does a PouchContainer Volume Work?

This article describes the inner-workings of PouchContainer volumes, which are designed to address the data persistence issue of PouchContainer.

Establishing a Network with PouchContainer

This article describes how PouchContainer establishes a network and connects containers to the network, as well as analyzes the source code for a full explanation of the network connection.

PouchContainer CNM Network Initialization with Libnetwork

This article introduces the Container Network Model (CNM) and describes how the PouchContainer uses Libnetwork to build a CNM network.

PouchContainer RingBuffer Log Practices

This article analyzes the reasons for introducing the non-blocking log buffer and illustrates the practices of the non-blocking log buffer in Golang.

Design and Implementation of PouchContainer CRI

This article discusses the rationale for Container Runtime Interface (CRI) and its architecture, with a focus on the implementation of PouchContainer's core functional modules.

Local Container Upgrade through PouchContainer

PouchContainer provides an upgrade interface at the container engine layer, significantly reducing the number of API requests and improving the container upgrade efficiency.

PouchContainer Engineering Quality Practice

As PouchContainer develops, consistent code specification is needed to keep the code maintainable. This article shares PouchContainer practices in cod...

PouchContainer and RPC

In this article, we will introduce the key concepts of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and briefly discuss its implementation using Alibaba PouchContainer.

Understanding the Kubelet Core Execution Frame

This article analyzes the way Kubelet performs Pod lifecycle management on the local node by analyzing the Kubelet source code.

Exploring Alibaba Group's PouchContainer Resource Management APIs – Part 1

In this article, we will introduce the common APIs of PouchContainer resource management and corresponding underlying kernel APIs.

Exploring Alibaba Group's PouchContainer Resource Management APIs – Part 2

In this article, we will introduce the common APIs of PouchContainer resource management and corresponding underlying kernel APIs.