GIN index

How to Use pageinspect to Diagnose and Optimize Query Performance Degradation in GIN (Inverted) Indexes

In this article, we discuss how the pageinspect plug-in can help diagnose and optimize query performance issues that arise due to the GIN (inverted) index merging delay.

PostgreSQL Responds to Fuzzy or Regular Expression-based Searches within Seconds

This article illustrates different optimization methods to accelerate performance under distinct fuzzy search scenarios including prefix, suffix or fully fuzzy search and regex search.

Optimizations with Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL

This article shows how PostgreSQL, equipped with both GIN indexes and the cost-based optimizer (CBO), can automatically choose the most optimal query method.

Efficient Search on Massive Data with Multidimensional Attributes in Time, Spatial, and Object

This blog talks about the various ways of classifying data and introduces several optimization methods to ensure efficient search of multidimensional data.