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Probabilistic Data Structures and Algorithms in PipelineDB

This article walks you through five different probabilistic data types as well as the related data structures and algorithms in Pipeline and looks these them in detail.

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Conducting a Pivotal Analysis of Multiple Streams for Both Human and Robot Service Channels

This article looks at the pivotal analysis of multiple streams-with both human and robot service channels-and shows how you can conduct this kind of pivotal analysis.

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What Is PipelineDB and How Can I Use It?

This article looking at the concepts behind PipelineDB, the scenarios it can be used in, its advantages, and how you can quickly develop, test, and deploy PipelineDB.

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Streaming, Lambda, and Triggered Modes Compared: At Look at How You Can Process Data in Real Time

This article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using stream computing, Lambda, and synchronous real-time (or triggered) data analysis.

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Create a Real-Time Data Exchange Platform with BottledWater-pg and Confluent

In this article, we will look at how you can use BottledWater-pg and Confluent to create a real-time data exchange platform.

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Using the Built-In and Custom Ranking Algorithms of PostgreSQL for Full-Text Searches

In this article, we will explore how you can refine ranking algorithms for PostgreSQL through using tsvector or a multi-dimensional array.

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Using PostgreSQL to Create an Efficient Search Engine

This article goes over how you can use PostgreSQL to create an efficient search engine for full-text searches and other query types including fuzzy and similarity queries.

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The RUM index and Full-Text Search Using PostgreSQL

The recent update of PostgreSQL 9.6 has made many enhancements in full-text search and has also brought us RUM plug-in support.

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Term Frequency Statistics in PostgreSQL Full-Text Searches

This article discusses how you can use PostgreSQL along with ts_stat or MADlib for term frequency and Inverse document frequency analysis.

digoal Posted blog

Similarity Analysis for PostgreSQL Text Databases

In this article, we will quickly go over some of the more common scenarios in which you can use PostgreSQL in the hope to inspire you to do more with PostgreSQL.

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PostgreSQL Row-Level Full-Text Search

This article looks at row-level full-text searches in PostgreSQL and walks through how you can create one yourself.

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Optimizations with Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL

This article shows how PostgreSQL, equipped with both GIN indexes and the cost-based optimizer (CBO), can automatically choose the most optimal query method.

digoal Posted blog

Location Matching Filtering Syntax for PostgreSQL Full-Text Searches

In this article, we look at the location matching filtering syntax of PostgreSQL full-text searches and how you can use this syntax for textual analysis.

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How to Use PostgreSQL to Efficiently Search With Split Fields?

This article looks at how you can use PostgreSQL for more efficient searches with split fields.

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How to Use the Data Retention Window

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can use the PipelineDB CV TTL function to work with the data retention window of data in streams.

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How Can We Monitor "No Incoming Messages" Data Exceptions?

This tutorial shows how to solve delivery and refund timeouts issues in e-commerce scenarios through a combination of timeout and scheduling operations using PostgreSQL.

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Using PostgreSQL for Real-Time IoT Stream Processing Applications

In this article, we look at how PostgreSQL can be used for Stream Processing in IoT applications for real-time processing of trillions of data records per day.

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Testing the Performance of PipelineDB for Real-Time Statistics on Virtual Machines

In this article, we discuss how PostgreSQL-based PipelineDB can implement real-time statistics at 10 million data records per second.

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Range Types in PostgreSQL and GiST Indexes Increases Speed of MySQL Index Combine Queries

This article describes the range types introduced in PostgreSQL 9.2 and indexes for range types that significantly improve query performance.

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PostgreSQL 10.0 Preview: Full-Text Search of JSON-Formatted Content

This blog discusses the PostgreSQL community and the patch where PostgreSQL supports full-text searches of JSON-formatted content with tsvector.

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