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Social Friend Relationship System Practice in PostgreSQL - Accelerating Queries of Positive and Negative Relationships

This article shows you how to speed up the query of positive and negative relationships on a PostgreSQL database.

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PCC Social Media "Like" Scenario - Database Design and Performance Stress Testing

This article explores a potential solution for implementing a social "like" feature, similar to that of Facebook, by using PostgreSQL.

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PostgreSQL Practices of Elective Selection Relation in Colleges

This article shows a quick demo on implementing graph search for searching and filtering student electives based on several criteria.

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PostgreSQL Practices - Application of Graph Search in Content Communities

This article introduces the Smlar extension for PostgreSQL and its application in graph search for content communities such as forums.

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PostgreSQL Graph Search Practices - 10 Billion-Scale Graph with Millisecond Response

This article discusses the implementation of graph search using the CTE syntax of PostgreSQL.

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PostgreSQL Feed Systems Similar to Weibo - Design and Performance Metrics

This article describes scenarios that are related message pushing and message consumption by using a 2048-letter-long message as an example.

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PostgreSQL Family Tree Application Practices - Graph Relation Storage and Search

This article explains how to store family relationships and quickly extract N-tier information for a typical graph application.

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Facebook LinkBench Tests PostgreSQL Social Relation Profile Scenario Performance

This article introduces LinkBench for PostgreSQL and shows you how to use it to run benchmark test for your database.

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Applying PostgreSQL Graph Database to Social Scenarios

In this article, we discuss several real world implementations of PostgreSQL including Finance Risk Control, Police Criminal Detection, and Social Network Analysis.

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Defeating Human Traffickers with Technology

In this article, we will explore how database and other similar technologies can be used to address crimes.

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Using HybridDB/PostgreSQL to Find the Best Product Combination for Marketing

In this blog, we look at how statistical analysis can help enterprises determine the perfect product combination for marketing.

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Use Cases for Millisecond-Level Massive Multi-Dimensional Data Pivoting on PostgreSQL/GPDB

This article shows you how to use data pivoting on PostgreSQL to meet your various business needs.

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Typical Cases on PostgreSQL\GPDB Millisecond-Level Massive Spatio-Temporal Data Pivoting

As mobile and IoT technologies are becoming commonplace, it is important for organizations to employ intelligent database design to track and analyze data effectively.

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Using Data for Business Site Selection

Data can be combined for a deeper analysis of factors such as population composition and spending power, bringing more referential information for proper site selection.

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Public Event Sentiment Analysis in PostgreSQL

Recursive syntax in PostgreSQL and PL/pgSQL can meet the requirements of analyzing events before and after a specific event in public opinion analysis scenarios.

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PostgreSQL Independent Event Correlation Analysis - User-Car Fitting

In this article, we look at how we can create a user-car fitting model in PostgreSQL to map spatio-temporal data with drivers, passengers and vehicles.

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Displaying Massive Amounts of Data in Real Time

In this blog, we discuss how PostgreSQL can help with real-time streaming statistics for data visualization, including time-series processing and full analysis.

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Efficient Search on Massive Data with Multidimensional Attributes in Time, Spatial, and Object

This blog talks about the various ways of classifying data and introduces several optimization methods to ensure efficient search of multidimensional data.

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GIS-based Grid Operations of New Retail Merchants

In today's retail industry, data must be used to its greatest value if online and offline business are to be integrated and inventories optimized.

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Merging Time Series Data in Different Scenarios with PostgreSQL

This article discusses the implementation for merging time series data in Composite Indexes, Window Group Query Acceleration, and Extraordinary Recursive Acceleration.

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