Object Storage Service

Alibaba Cloud Announces New SLA for OSS, up to 99.995% for Cross-zone Redundancy

On April 30, Alibaba Cloud officially released a new SLA for OSS, increasing the promised single-zone availability to 99.

Store and Serve - Keeping Data Safe on the Cloud

Weighing up the essentials of high availability, instant scalability, super reliable, durable, cost effective, and secure data storage services with Alibaba Cloud.

Cloud Storage Picks with Alibaba Cloud

Store, serve, and secure near limitless, multi-form data globally, speedily, and stably with Alibaba Cloud's Storage & CDN product range.

Low-Latency Global Cloud Solutions on Alibaba Cloud

This article introduces low-latency solutions by Alibaba Cloud and discusses how customers can integrate them in their distributed applications for a low-latency solution.

OSS: A High Performance Encrypted, Object Storage Cloud System

This blog defines the issues occurs in traditional storage which overcome with the help of object storage system.

Advanced Concepts in Botpress: A Crash Course

This tutorial covers some of the advanced concepts in Botpress and explains how you can use them in real applications.

How Alibaba Cloud's Storage Technology Is Supporting Online Education

This blog explores how Alibaba Cloud is leveraging its storage technologies to help global educational institutions move to cloud education.

Five Ways Alibaba Cloud OSS Helped DingTalk Cope with Traffic Peaks

In this blog post, we'll take a look at 5 ways that Object Storage Service (OSS) helped DingTalk cope with traffic peaks during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Automating Client-Side Encryption for Objects in OSS

In this post, I will show you how to automate the process of encrypting your data on your own machine, to ensure that your data never leaves your computer unencrypted.

Hot Data vs. Cold Data: Why It Matters?

In this article, we will introduce the concepts of hot and cold data, and will discuss the importance of dealing with them appropriately when it comes to storage and migration.

How to apply OSS resources to websites

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) can be used for all kinds of static resources. We will discuss how to apply OSS resources to a website and .

SAP Cloud Solutions Land on Alibaba Cloud Platform in China

Chinese enterprises can now easily adopt SAP's world-leading enterprise cloud solutions on Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure thanks to this strategic partnership.

Spring Boot with Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service

In this article, we'll perform some basic OSS operations into a spring boot application using Alibaba Cloud's SDK interface wrapped on top of a spring dependency.

Building a Serverless PDF Text Recognition Using Function Compute with Node.js in 10 Minutes

This tutorial demonstrates how you can develop a PDF-to-Text conversion (OCR) function with Alibaba Cloud Function Compute.

MaxCompute Data Ingestion from OSS

In this article, we will learn how to ingest data from Alibaba Cloud's Object Storage Service to be used in MaxCompute.

Alibaba Cloud OSS complies with the compliance requirements of U.S. SEC and FINRA

Alibaba Cloud OSS now fully supports the WORM feature, allowing users to save and use data in a "non-deletable or tamper-resistant" manner.

Launching a Word-to-PDF Cloud Service on Function Compute

This article explains how to quickly deploy a Word-to-PDF cloud service with LibreOffice and Function Compute, based on the fc-libreoffice project.

Object Storage Service (OSS) Acceleration by CDN

This article describes how to speed up uploads of large files to Object Storage Service (OSS) through the OSS client using multipart uploads and CDN.

Migrating from AWS S3 to Alibaba Cloud OSS Using Data Migration Service

In this article, we will show you how to migrate AWS S3 to Alibaba Cloud OSS with the new Data Migration Service.