Object Storage Service

Discovering and Securing Sensitive Data With Alibaba Cloud – Part 2

Part 2 of this 3-part series introduces the Alibaba Cloud SDDP suite and how to discover sensitive data and protect it.

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The Gems of Malaysia: Explore the Natural Beauty of Malaysia

This project is from Chin Wei Xin, which was awarded first place in the Alibaba Cloud Developer Initiative 2021.

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Part 1 of this 2-part series discusses how E-MapReduce provides a simple and highly effective big data practice.

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This article uses Alibaba Cloud products to explain the best practices to accelerate content delivery.

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Platform-based Evolution of AMAP Information Access

This article introduces some ideas and practices concerning in-depth POI information access in AMAP during the transition to a platform architecture.

What is Elastic Block Storage

This article explains what Elastic Block Storage is and how Elastic Block Storage works.

Enable Versioning to Protect Valuable Data in Alibaba Cloud OSS

This article explains the benefits of the versioning feature of Alibaba Cloud OSS.

Storage Policies and Read/Write Optimization in JindoFS

This article describes common problems and optimization methods of data read/write in computing-storage separation scenarios, and introduces data cache acceleration with JindoFS.

Cross-border Acceleration with Alibaba Cloud - Global Accelerator and Squid Caching Proxy

This blog presents a step-by-step guide for cross-border acceleration using Global Accelerator and Squid cache.

Benefits and Applications of Edge Computing

This article discusses the benefits of edge computing compared to a traditional or cloud-based computing setup.

Excellence in Deliverance with Elastic Computing: Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service – Part 2

Part 2 of this article series discusses the prominent features of ECS, the related deployment strategy, and the other services integrated with ECS.

Container Storage: Migrating from FlexVolume to CSI (NAS and OSS Volumes)

This article shows you how to replace Alibaba Cloud NAS and OSS volumes mounted through FlexVolume with those of the Container Storage Interface (CSI) type.

Solving the Multi Cloud Management Woes

This article focuses on solutions to solve multi cloud management woes.

Simulate Post Object Form Upload to OSS in Java

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) stores objects within resources called 'buckets'. Post Object uses an HTML form to upload a file to a specified bucket.

PhotoSharing Part III: PhotoSharing with OSS Image Processing

We build a photo sharing Android app with real-time image uploading and downloading function using Alibaba Cloud OSS, and create the corresponding Jav.

How to apply OSS resources to websites

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) can be used for all kinds of static resources. We will discuss how to apply OSS resources to a website and .

Object Storage Service(OSS): Store Data Safely In The Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service(OSS) is an encrypted and secure cloud storage service that can store, process, and access massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world.