Computing Conference

Cooperation with NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) at The Computing Conference

NGC can help developers access deep learning containers for free. Deep learning frameworks, including Caffe, CNTK, MXNet, TensorFlow, are optimized for NVIDIA GPU.

Best Practices of Global CDN QoS Optimization

At The Computing Conference 2018 in Hangzhou, Liu Tingwei, Senior Technical Expert at Alibaba Cloud, shared the technical best practices of CDN QoS optimization.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Nine Products to Support Global Digital Transformation across Different Industries

Alibaba Cloud launched a new suite of product offerings for the global market at the Alibaba Cloud Summit – Infinity 2018, meeting the demands of the retail industry.

Alibaba Cloud and IHG Ink Partnership to Lead Digital Transformation for Hospitality Industry

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) will shift its core IT infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud in Greater China deploying business-critical systems to further enhance customer experience.

Best Practices of Database Disaster Recovery in the DT Era

In the DT era, enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on data. This article summarizes the Best Practices for Enterprise Database Session at The Computing Conference 2018.

Highlights of the Computing Conference 2018 – Empowering the Economy through Data and Technology

Let's take a look at the key topics in this year's conference, including the launch of ET City Brain 2.0 and Jack Ma's focus on New Manufacturing.

From Cloud to Cloud Intelligence: Highlights from The Computing Conference Beijing 2019

At the 2019 Computing Conference in Beijing, Alibaba Cloud outlined strategic upgrades, dubbed "From Cloud to Cloud Intelligence", after a decade of success.

Exploration and Practice of Database Disaster Recovery in the DT Era

This article explains how enterprises can create disaster recovery solutions on Alibaba Cloud that are tailored to their development statuses and business needs.

Video AI: Next-Generation Intelligent Video Production

This article introduces the application of AI in media broadcasting, as well as Alibaba Cloud's exploration in next-generation intelligent media asset production service.

From Containers to Cloud Native - Ultimate Elasticity

This article summarizes the presentation at the Yunqi Community Director's Course and shares some practical tips and development trends of the Cloud Native technology.

From Containers to Cloud Native - Service Mesh

This article summarizes the presentation at the Yunqi Community Director's Course and shares some practical tips and development trends of the Cloud Native technology.

Alibaba Cloud Partners with VMware to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Alibaba Cloud announced a partnership with VMware to help organizations with their digital transformation by bringing best-of-breed hybrid cloud solutions to enterprises.

Protecting Against DDoS Attacks with Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN)

Alibaba Cloud has developed the SCDN solution to equip conventional CDN solutions with security protection capabilities to cope with large-scale DDoS attacks.

Jack Ma at The Computing Conference 2018 – Exploring The Role of Data in New Manufacturing

In this article, we summarize the key topics at the main forum of The Computing Conference 2018, including Jack Ma's speech on New Manufacturing in China.

Alibaba Cloud Speeds Up IoT Strategy at The Computing Conference

Alibaba Cloud demonstrated its Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities and long-term IoT strategy at The Computing Conference 2018.

Constructing an Android-like Factory in the IIoT Era

Ding Xianfeng, Chief Internet-of-Intelligence Scientist, shared Alibaba Cloud's views on the intelligent manufacturing industry at The Computing Conference 2018, Guangdong.

Story of Alibaba Cloud MVP: Sai Sarath Chandra

What is it like to be an Alibaba Cloud MVP? As one of the pioneers of the MVP program, Sai Sarath Chandra shares his recent experiences of visiting China.

Developing an Enterprise IoT Network with LoRa

At The Computing Conference 2018, Sean Ding, Chief IoT Scientist at Alibaba Cloud, gave a speech on the layout and plan of Alibaba Cloud Enterprise IoT in the IoB.

Simplifying Marketing with AI: Introducing Alimama's New Ad Tech

In this article, we will introduce Alimama's new marketing and ad optimization platforms, TMOP and XDL, and discuss how AI helps improve the effectiveness of marketing.

Extending the Boundaries of the Cloud with Edge Computing

In this article, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud's Edge Node Service (ENS) and discuss its values as well as its common application scenarios.