Data Mining

How Does Cloud Computing Help Analyze Critical COVID-19 Cases 80% Faster?

Sun Yat-Sen University and Alibaba Cloud joined forces to research, sequence, and analyze COVID-19 data in the less than half of the normal time required.

Lessons Learned at the 2017 CIKM AnalytiCup Machine Learning Competition

The CIKM AnalytiCup Machine Learning Competition is a platform to explore how different AI algorithms compete against each other in solving real-world problems.

Learn How a Knowledge Graph Can Improve Your Online Shopping Experience

Introducing Alibaba's exclusive knowledge graph solution, named E-Commerce ConceptNet, used to power Alibaba's various e-commerce platforms.

Speeding Up Machine Learning with Spark MLlib

This article introduces Spark's machine learning library MLlib, which helps existing machine learning applications to be more scalable.

Alibaba Cloud and UK Met Office organise Tianchi Data Mining Contest

Alibaba Cloud organised a data mining contest with the Met Office, the United Kingdom's national meteorological service.