Container Service

Deploying a Docker Application with Alibaba Cloud Container Service

Containerization is taking over the world. Docker is the leading technology being used by nearly every major company.

Contain Yourself! The Virtual Machine Is Evolving

Virtualization changed the way that people managed servers. From traditional virtual machines to Docker containers, learn how the virtualization indus.

Simplifying the World of Microservices and Container Technology

Microservices architecture involves developing applications as a suite of multiple independent modular services with each of them serving a unique purpose.

Using Container Service to Build WeChat Applets

WeChat's applet supports such as directory and structure are on the client with defined configuration files and available APIs.

A Foray into the World of Containerd

Containerd is not oriented to the end user directly but exists for integration into upper systems such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos, and other container orchestration systems.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service

Containerization is revolutionizing business IT right now. Companies that have yet to investigate the power of containers can do so easily on a single...

How to Install and Configure Icinga2 Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 16.04

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