Introduction to Alibaba Cloud GPU Service

This blog provides insights into Alibaba Cloud's GPU services, their functionalities, and how they differ from other cloud services.

Alibaba Cloud GPU Service 소개

이번 블로그를 통해 알리바바 클라우드의 GPU 서비스와 기능, 그리고 다른 클라우드 서비스와의 차별점에 대해서 알아볼 수 있습니다.

Friday Blog - Week 19 - Choosing The Right ECS Instance Type

Learn how to choose the right ECS instance type, no matter what kind of workload you're running. Or - if you've only got 2 minutes to spare - just con.

Heterogeneous Computing: Dominated by GPU, FPGA, and ASIC Chips

Alibaba Cloud's virtualization platform director Zhang Xiantao said the heterogeneous computing is dominated by a trio of GPU, FPGA, and ASIC Chips in Hangzhou's Yunqi township, October 2017.

Ingenuity | A New Triumph for X-Engine

This article introduces a new project called 'FPGA-Accelerated Compactions for LSM-based Key-Value Store' from the X-Engine team.

When Databases Meet FPGA – Achieving 1 Million TPS with X-DB Heterogeneous Computing

The new FPGA-accelerated X-DB is turning heads for its path-breaking performance. This article throws some light on its research and development work.

Deep Dive into Alibaba Cloud F3 FPGA as a Service Instances

In this article, we will explore Alibaba Cloud's FPGA as a Service (FaaS) technologies and the underlying hardware architecture of the newly launched F3 instance.

Alibaba Cloud Unveils ECS Core Technologies at LC3 Conference 2018

Alibaba Cloud ECS team unveiled ECS core technologies by sharing topics such as performance improvement for AI applications at the LC3 Conference 2018.

Ultra Low Latency and High Performance Deep Learning Processor with FPGA

Alibaba's Infrastructure Service Group and the algorithm team from Machine Intelligence Technologies have successfully developed an ultra low latency .