Revisiting Distributed Memory in the CXL Era

The article introduces the applications and challenges of the CXL-based DSM (Distributed Shared Memory) paradigm in distributed applications.

SMC-R Interpretation Series – Part 2: SMC-R: A hybrid solution of TCP and RDMA

In the second article of this series, we explore SMC-R in detail by describing its communication process.

SMC-R Interpretation Series – Part 1: Transparently Improve TCP Application Network Performance on the Cloud

This article explores SMC-R from a macro perspective through five main questions.

Alibaba Cloud Releases Fourth Generation X-Dragon Architecture; SMC-R Improves Network Performance by 20%

This article describes the background, principle, architecture, and some performance data of SMC-R.

Apsara Conference 2021 | Alibaba Cloud Released the Fourth-Generation SHENLONG Architecture

This short article discusses the release of the fourth generation SHENDLONG architecture and eRDMA.

Alibaba Builds High-Speed RDMA Network for AI and Scientific Computing

Alibaba has built the RDMA high-speed network within its global and ultra-large data centers to support AI and scientific computing.

Using RDMA on Container Service for Kubernetes

In this tutorial, we'll discuss emote direct memory access (RDMA) is developed to handle the latency of data processing on servers during network transmission.

Evolution of the Alibaba Cloud Pangu Distributed Storage Technology

Alibaba Cloud Pangu distributed storage system employs high performance network technologies such as RDMA to meet the requirements of network communic.