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DAMO Academy: 10 Key Trends Shaping Tech in 2019

From speech intelligence and graph neural networks to heterogeneous computing and autonomous driving, here are the top 10 trends Alibaba DAMO Academy forecasts for 2019.

Alibaba Global Math Competition Opens Applications for Math Enthusiasts

Alibaba Group's global mathematics competition opened for applications, calling math enthusiasts and developers worldwide to join and solve math challenges.

Chinese Hospitals Deploy DAMO Academy Cancer Screening Tool

Photo credit: Alibaba Group A cancer screening tool developed by Alibaba Group’s research arm DAMO Academy recently launched at hospitals in China, ...

Alibaba's DAMO Academy Unveils LLMs Designed For Southeast Asia

DAMO Academy unveiled on Monday two large language models designed to reflect Southeast Asia's diverse linguistic and cultural landscape.

DAMO Academy's AI Breakthrough Makes Pancreatic Cancer Easier to Detect

Alibaba's research institute has developed an AI tool that screens for early signs of pancreatic cancer, one of the most fatal cancers.

Using MindOpt to Solve Sudoku Problems

This article discusses mathematical programming and uses MindOpt to solve Sudoku puzzles.

Use MindOpt to Optimize Diet Plans

This article discusses the most classic diet (Diet) problem in mathematical programming.

Mindopt Modeling Solving Task Assignment Problems (II)

This article discusses multi-task assignment problems, optimization models, and MAPL Coding on MindOpt APL.

Solving Task Assignment Problems (Getting Started with Mindopt)

This article discusses MindOpt APL (MAPL) and how MindOpt Solver supports solving linear programming (LP) problems.

Alibaba Cloud’s Latest Generative AI Update Takes The Admin Out Of Business Meetings

Alibaba Cloud’s generative AI-powered intelligent assistant caters to the soaring demand for audio and video content in China; Alibaba has vowed to re.

Alibaba's Generative AI and the Future of Creative Work

Alibaba is building up generative AI models that developers can customize for their use in content creation, from image generation to video production.

How Will Generative AI Transform Content Creation In Gaming to Advertising?

In the show, you will hear how generative AI can benefit content curators and how machine learning helps save our climate.

Alibaba Unveils Top Technology Trend Forecasting for 2023

Alibaba DAMO Academy has shared its annual forecasting of the leading technology trends that could shape many industries in the years ahead.

Seven Papers from Alibaba Cloud Database Selected by VLDB

This short article discusses some of the seven papers from Alibaba Cloud included at VLDB 2022.

Alibaba Embraces Metaverse with Extended Reality, 3D and Virtual Influencers During 11.11

Alibaba deployed immersive technology this 11.11 Global Shopping Festival to offer consumers a glimpse of retail’s future in the metaverse.

Alibaba’s CTO On Everything You Wanted To Know About AI Ethics

Alibaba CTO addresses some of the top ethical concerns involving AI and machine learning after technology committee is formed.

Alibaba's Driverless Robots Make 10 Million Deliveries

Xiaomanlv autonomous robots developed by Alibaba Group delivered more than 10 million parcels as of March 31, according to the latest company earnings report.

Four Steps to Help AI Voices Sound More "Human-Like"

This short article discusses transforming text-to-speech (TTS) and voice AI into more human-like speech patterns.

Frontier Technology | AI on the Cloud Helps Scientific Research

This article discusses Alibaba DAMO Academy's latest release, AI Earth.

From Financial Intelligence to Blockchain: Five Key Technologies That Will Determine the Future of Fintech

An overview of Liu Weiguang's speech and PowerPoint slides discussing Fintech innovations.