cloud native

Serverless vs. Containers: Tradeoffs across your Technical Stack

This article discusses the key tradeoffs, pros, and cons when deciding between Serverless and containers.

Practices for Building GitOps Delivery Based on ACK One and ACR

This article introduces how to build a GitOps delivery pipeline on an ACK One instance.

Cloud Native WordPress on Alibaba Cloud

This article shares how you can quickly start with WordPress on Alibaba Cloud to experience cloud native features such as high availability and auto-scaling.

OpenAnolis Co-location Technology Powers the CPU Utilization on Koordinator

This article discusses CPU Co-location and how it improves CPU utilization.

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh FAQ (5): ASM Gateway Supports Creating HTTPS Listeners on the SLB Side

Part 5 of this series describes how to support ASM gateway service to bind certificates on the SLB side and create an HTTPS listener.

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh FAQ (3): How to Configure TLS Protocol Versions to Enhance Security in ASM Gateways

Part 3 of this series describes how to configure the TLS protocol version on the ASM gateway to enhance website security.

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh FAQ (2): Use ASM to Implement Service Slow-Start Mode to Support the Warm-Up

Part 2 of this series introduces the ASM warm-up feature and explains implementation step by step.

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh FAQ (1): How to Use the WebSocket over HTTP/2 Protocol

Part 1 of this series explains how to use the WebSocket over HTTP/2 Protocol, focusing on Istio 1.12 or later.

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh FAQ (4): How to Use Traffic Mirroring across Clusters Based on Intra-Cluster Service Layer and Mesh Layer

Part 4 of this series explains traffic mirroring, typical traffic mirroring scenarios, and how to enable/use traffic mirroring across clusters.

Best Practices of ACK One GitOps

This article describes how to use ACK One GitOps to achieve application distribution in multiple clusters, version management, automatic update, permission control, and CI pipeline integration.

ACK and MSE Ingress Makes Cluster Ingress Traffic Management Easier

This article describes how to use Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and MSE Ingresses to manage ingress traffic in clusters.

Analysis of the Metrics Function of the Dubbo Observability Practice

This article mainly introduces the basic knowledge and progress of the Metrics module.

Overall Technical Architecture of Dubbo Mesh

This article describes the overall design principles, deployment architecture, and plug-in control mechanism of Dubbo Mesh.

Using Arthas in JRE

Part 5 of this series discusses arthas in JRE, the attach mechanism, and replacing JRE with JDK.

Why Can't Arthas Be Mounted in the Init Process in Container?

Part 4 of this series discusses the importance of understanding the underlying logic of arthas and init.

Serverless Data Warehouse Exploration for Agile Data Analysis

This article explains how to help enterprises upgrade to a more agile analytics platform architecture using Serverless OLAP, simplifying architecture complexity and improving analysis efficiency.

Building a Multi-Cloud Environment Using Google Cloud Kubernetes (GKE) and Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes on Alibaba Cloud ACK One

This article builds a multi-cloud environment using Google Cloud Kubernetes (GKE) and Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes on Alibaba Cloud ACK One.

Optimizing Java Agent on Dragonwell

The article discusses the issue of Java Agent being loaded in all JVMs in a container, causing wastage of resources and affecting troubleshooting.

List of Capabilities Related to Cloud-Native Scenarios From JDK 9 to 19 (Part 1)

Part 1 of this series provides an interpretation from the perspective of O&M and runtime.

How Does the IMCI of PolarDB for MySQL Achieve Ultimate TopK Query Performance?

This article introduces how the IMCI feature of the cloud-native relational database PolarDB addresses such challenges and ultimately outperforms ClickHouse.