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Alibaba Cloud ACK One: Quickly Build A Zone-disaster Recovery System with Multi-cluster Gateways

This article introduces the ACK One multi-cluster gateways and their benefits in implementing zone-disaster recovery for multi-cluster applications.

SLS New Query Paradigm: Interactive Exploration of Logs Using SPL

The article explains the challenges of log data and how SPL (SLS Processing Language) addresses these challenges by providing a unified syntax for log processing.

Serverless Cost Optimization: Knative Supports Preemptible Instances

This article describes how to use preemptible instances in Knative.

Alibaba Cloud PolarDB Awarded ICDE 2024 Industry and Applications Track Best Paper Award

The article introduces Alibaba Cloud's award-winning database PolarDB and its innovative solution to the problem of cross-machine transaction migration in serverless databases.

Observability | Best Practices for Centralized Data Management of Multiple Prometheus Instances

This article introduces Prometheus and addresses the common challenge of achieving a global view with data scattered across different Prometheus instances.

Access Redis by Using Higress Based on Custom Plug-ins

This article introduces Higress and describes how Redis plugins can be utilized for implementing sophisticated features such as rate limiting, caching, and session management.

Alibaba Cloud ACK One GitOps: Streamline Multi-Cluster Application Delivery

This article provides an overview of how Alibaba Cloud's ACK One GitOps facilitates continuous deployment and management of applications across multip...

Better Performance and Cost-effectiveness: Migrating the Self-built ELK to SLS

The article outlines the basic capabilities of SLS and compares them with the self-built open-source ELK, highlighting the significant advantages of SLS over open-source ELK.

Launch a Stable Diffusion API Environment with Function Compute

This article focuses on building a Stable Diffusion API environment with Alibaba Cloud Function Compute.

Deploy Magento on Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

This article focuses on deploying Magento on Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).

Non-intrusive Observability Exploration with GraalVM Static Compilation

This article introduces a static instrumentation approach for Java Agent, focusing on the concept of static instrumentation.

Application Monitoring eBPF Edition: Non-intrusive Application Monitoring of the Golang Microservice

This article introduces the importance of monitoring microservices in modern software architecture, and highlights the eBPF edition of application monitoring.

Use SPL to Efficiently Implement Flink SLS Connector Pushdown

This article introduces SPL and its application in the Realtime Compute for Apache Flink SLS Connector.

Deploying Serverless Applications with ACK One and Knative for On-Premises Data Centers

This article introduces how to use ACK One and Knative to manage cloud resources.

Disaster Recovery Architecture and Solution Based on Kubernetes Clusters

This article explains how to design a disaster recovery architecture and build a resilient system using Kubernetes clusters along with Alibaba Cloud services.

Exploration and Practice of Cloud-native Observability of Apache Dubbo

This article introduces the observability features and practices of the lates version of Apache Dubbo3.

Practices for Distributed Elasticity Training in the ACK Cloud-native AI Suite

This article introduces the practices and architectures for distributed elastic training of Alibaba Cloud ACK cloud-native AI suite to enhance the eff...

Accelerating Large Language Model Inference: High-performance TensorRT-LLM Inference Practices

This article introduces how TensorRT-LLM improves the efficiency of large language model inference by using quantization, in-flight batching, attention, and graph rewriting.

Writing Flink SQL for Weakly Structured Logs: Leveraging SLS SPL

This article describes how to use SLS SPL (Structured Programming Language) to configure the SLS Connector to structure data.

Hello, iLogtail 2.0!

The article discusses the limitations of the existing iLogtail architecture and collection configuration and introduces the new features in iLogtail 2.