cloud native

Observability | Best Practices for Using Prometheus to Monitor Memcached

This article introduces how to use Prometheus to Monitor Memcached.

Fluid Supports Tiered Locality Scheduling

This article explains how to use Fluid to implement tiered affinity scheduling and configure custom affinity based on real scenarios.

The Power GPU Services with Alibaba Cloud

In this cloud fighters we discussed further about Alibaba Cloud GPU Services that helped AI engineers to develop their models.

Unveiling Kubernetes: The Power of Possibilities, Accelerate Modernization and Become Future Fit with Cloud-Native

When discussing Kubernetes, it’s common for people to associate it with terms like Containers, DevOps, and Cloud Native.

Model Service Mesh: Model Service Management in Cloud-native Scenario

This article introduces Model Service Mesh, an architectural pattern for deploying and managing scalable machine learning model services in a distributed environment.

When OpenTelemetry Meets Alibaba Cloud Prometheus

This article focuses on the construction of system observability, specifically the metric monitoring system.

Random Indexes in RocketMQ

This article introduces the features of random indexes in RocketMQ, including the separation of hot and cold data, specific details, and comparisons with other systems.

Alibaba Cloud Named a Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud Database Management Systems for Fourth Consecutive Year

Alibaba Cloud has been named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud Database Management Systems (“the report”) for the fourth year in a row.

Open Source PolarDB Uses Orafce to Support Oracle Compatibility

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses orafce to support Oracle compatibility.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pg_similarity to Implement 17 Types of Text Similarity Search

This article explains how the open-source version of PolarDB utilizes pg_similarity to implement 17 types of text similarity search.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pg_rational Extension to Support Stern-Brocot Trees

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses pg_rational extension to support Stern-Brocot trees to efficiently customize and adjust the order.

Slow Trace Diagnostics - ARMS Hotspots Code Analysis Feature

This article describes how to use ARMS's hotspot code analysis feature to diagnose slow traces.

Implement Spring-cloud-gateway Using Higress Wasm Plug-in

This article reviews how Spring Cloud Gateway fulfills the scenarios of HTTP request or response transformation requirements.

Technical Optimizations of RocketMQ 5.0 Tiered Storage

This article aims to analyze and evaluate the selection of technical architectures in a data-intensive application model.

Kruise-Game: Best Practices for Traditional PvE Games

This article introduces the challenges of implementing PvE games on Kubernetes and how to manage server-based game services using OpenKruiseGame (OKG).

Introduction to Apache Dubbo 3.3.0-Beta Version

This article introduces key feature upgrades in Dubbo 3.3.0-beta version and explores in-depth explanations of some of these key features.

Major Upgrades of Go Microservice Framework: A Preview of Apache Dubbo-go 3.2.0-alpha

This article is a preview of the Apache Dubbo-go 3.2.0-alpha version.

Official Release of IntelliJ IDEA and Apache Dubbo's IDEA Plug-in

This article introduces the release of the official IntelliJ IDEA plug-in for Apache Dubbo and highlights the benefits of the plug-in.

The Spark on ACK Practice of Hago

This article introduces Hago's practice of adopting Spark on ACK and its migration process.

Koordinator: Supporting Hybrid Deployment of Kubernetes and YARN

This article introduces Koordinator’s support for Hybrid Development of Kubernetes and YARN and Xiaohongshu’s Practical Experience Sharing of the Hybrid Development.