Spring Boot

A Trick to Get Rid of If-Else: Elegant Parameter Verification

This article focuses on discussing how to gracefully perform parameter verification.

Upgrade Spring Boot Applications to Spring Cloud

This article outlines the process for upgrading a Spring Boot application to Spring Cloud, capitalizing on the microservice ecosystem of Spring Cloud.

Retry Mechanism in Java Fault-tolerant Programming

This article summarizes retry techniques in the face of service failures and provides an analysis of the source code of retry tools and components.

PolarDB-X Practice Series – Part 2: Use PolarDB-X to Develop Applications

This section of the PolarDB-X Practice Series describes how PolarDB-X works with Spring Boot and WordPress to develop applications, as well as best pr.

Powerful: MyBatis and Three Streaming Query Methods

This article gives background information about MyBatis and explains three streaming query methods.

What is the Difference between Spring Boot and Spring?

This article compares and contrasts Spring and Spring Boot.

How to Implement RocketMQ in the Spring Ecosystem?

This article describes five ways to implement RocketMQ in the Spring ecosystem along with the key features and application scenarios.

How Long Will It Take before Java Developers Can Utilize Serverless?

This article describes how to deal with FaaS scenarios under the Java microservice framework Spring Boot/Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Unveils New Spring Boot Scaffold

This article describes how to use and extend the Spring Initializr framework and demonstrates how Spring uses Spring Initializr using start.

Building a Simple Spring Boot API with ArangoDB on ECS

In this article, we will show you how to build a basic Spring Boot based project on Alibaba Cloud using ArangoDB as the database engine.

Spring Boot with Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service

In this article, we'll perform some basic OSS operations into a spring boot application using Alibaba Cloud's SDK interface wrapped on top of a spring dependency.

Building a Spring-Boot API with a Multi-Model Database (OrientDB) on Alibaba Cloud

In this tutorial, we will cover the initial setup of OrientDB while building a Spring-Boot API with it on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.